Author: Vigneswaran S

Android was attacked by Dendroid Virus

All are says Android is a virus free platform. Its not true. Many Virus found in Android every day. Recently, Android designers found the most dangerous virus in android device. His named Dendroid. What Dendroid Does? Dendroid is HTTP based Virus. It delete Call logs, Call Phones, Open Websites, Record Calls, Intercept Messages, Take &

Facebook buys Oculus VR for $2 Billion

Facebook never stop his purchasing. Already Facebook buys Whatsapp for $19 Billion. Now, again Facebook buys Oculus VR for $2 Billion. Oculus VR is a virtual Headset for Video games. Facebook pays $400 million in cash and 22.1 million shares on Facebook common stock. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Says: “I’m excited to announce that we’ve