Author: Vigneswaran S

10 Must-have apps for job seekers

Job hunting has intensified over the years (Source:   In recent years, apps have taken over. From language translation to ordering food, there’s an app for everything. Job hunting hasn’t been left behind. There are numerous apps that will assist you in searching for the appropriate job. Below are top 10 apps suitable for

6 Major Impacts of Technology on Our Daily Lives

Today, we are living in an age of highly advanced technology where almost every part of our lives takes the impact of technology one way or another. Over the last decade, technology has been quite successful in providing us with high-end luxuries, facilities, and eventually changing our lives dramatically. From highly developed gadgets like computers,

Brand Awareness Through Technology

Brand consciousness was never been witnessed in the primitive era. It has become the ultimate part of people’s lives. People feel proud and confident if they wear branded apparels, footwear or accessories. The interesting thing is that the people around us are also inspired by our branded look, which is why everyone wants to wear