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keyword research for blogger

Due to the rapid advancement in society, the duties of the web developer are changing. There are infinite options for just one topic if a person searches it on the internet. Keyword solves the problem for the researchers that they can easily get their desired material because of it. Keyword and hash tags are the new ways of finding the main interest of the customers. The keyword is also a part of highly developed SEO’s policy. With the help of keyword research, you can choose appropriate keywords for your blog content to improve your page ranking

The keyword is always not the same; it changes according to the demand of the visitors and always tries to produce that web content, which is the need of their visitors. The keyword is not only, about finding the traffic; bloggers also, have to know about the information.

There are many types of keywords but the most useful keywords, which are high on demand and are generic keywords, board match keywords, and long tail keywords. People are sometimes confused by keywords that they should use for their blog. However, every keyword has its different meanings and use according to the requirement of the web content.

Generic keywords

These words are easily available everywhere and identified by anyone. The content of these words matches and fits with every other keyword. These keywords have a low conversation rate among people. These words help to earn more traffic on every click as compare to the other words. Generic words are sometimes become difficult to follow.

Broad match keywords

These words are the main terms of the SEO. It helps to have more traffic than the generic words and also have very few competitors. It produces a regular type of conversation. It also provides the number of related content to its visitors. For example, if someone searches for HEAD then AdWords will show all the interconnected words like a headache, head cap, head massage, etc. It will generate the number of similar keywords. It will also recommend one or more other keywords to the SEO and helps to use an appropriate keyword that will help to generate the traffic.

Long tail keywords

These words are the exact search of the customer for which he is looking forward. Long tail keywords are the specific keywords, which are more than one word or a phrase. These keywords will help the visitor to take quick purchase of the content or blog. Furthermore, it helps to get more traffic than the other keywords because of its demand. These kinds of keyword get organic traffic and people, who search for the long tail keywords. An SEO can search and examine many long tail keywords and bring in to play for the marketing activities.



Google auto complete is a tool, which is available, online; it helps to produce the number of keywords according to the website. On the other hand, it will give the suitable suggestion by identifying the domain and the requested language. It also helps to produce more than 750 keywords just in a single click.

Similarly, Word tracker’s long-tail tool is the best choice for finding the long tail keyword. Spyfu is another keyword tool, but it is a paid tool.

In conclusion, keywords in the blog post will help get the rankings higher, but it does not always happen. The use of keyword will decide the ranking of the blog post. If your page’s keyword matches with the user’s keyword, then the blog post will get higher ranks. The use of keyword especially on twitter is well-known among its users. Tools and the type of keyword also matters a lot for the production of the money and traffic.

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