Tips & Tricks to Efficiently Play Witcher 3 Game

Witcher 3 is an action role-playing video game based on the fantasy novel series The Witcher. It is an open world game with third person perspective. It’s a huge game, and there is a lot to do in this game. If you play it for the first time, you may get lost in the vast world of it end up thinking what I have to do. There is so much to do in this game, and that is why it is trendy.

If you just started playing, please don’t skip the tutorial. The tutorial is the most important part of the game as it will let you know about the basics. Read this article, to improve your gameplay. If you are lost in this game, then this article may help you because I am going to tell some tips and tricks to play The Witcher 3 smoothly. These methods will also assist in understanding the game.

Witcher 3

So let’s begin with the tips !!!

Explore The Witcher 3 World

Don’t stick to the main story, explore the map. You may find some treasure. There are plenty of good stuff around the White Orchard area. You will come to know about various side quest when you will explore. You will get various bonuses, and you can unlock the different ability of your player. Collect the loot you get after killing a monster or after winning a combat. Look for the place of power those sites will boost your magical skills. Don’t use auto pilot more to go from one destination to other because you will miss many things when you do not travel. So, it is essential to wander in the game this will help you to learn more.


Combat in Witcher 3 is very challenging. It is not like any other game; you have thought and prepared for it. You have to work will strategy to win a combat. Even winning fights on normal difficulty is not easy. Use your attack types wisely, and remember that just before the enemy strike hits, you can knock your opponent back, this offers you ample time to run a few quick strikes or a powerful attack. If you have just started the game, then don’t select the ‘The Blood and Broken Bones’ difficulty because it is not for beginners. Stick to normal pressure if you don’t want to end up irritated. Whenever in combat try to get critical hits this will give you a huge bonus.


Meditation is the way in which you replenish your health and stamina in Witcher 3. Not only health and stamina it can replace your potions if you have any alcohol. It is an excellent way to pass the time in the game especially when you are waiting for something. You can meditate anywhere. A small meditation session can also replenish your health fully. So, it’s important to meditate to keep your stamina and health up and will recharge you fully.

Prepare Yourself Properly

Before going in combat look for all your weapons and potions properly. Look for yourself too. Ensure that your stamina and health are full or not. Take a look at your bestiary to see what kind of attacks the monster is vulnerable too. Make sure that your weapons don’t need to be repaired. Use Witcher 3 console command to ease your game play. Auto save is not very reliable to save your game before going in combat. Don’t forget to oil your swords before going into battle. Learn about your opponent and then attack. Make sure you choose the correct weapon for the fight.

Levelling Up

You have to level up the character to unlock various abilities and become a badass Witcher. But to level up, you need a lot of XP. You get little XP when you kill your enemy or win a combat. You gain big XP awards when you complete main quest mission. Both secondary quest and first quest gives you XP. Primary gives you more XP than secondary. Gain more and more XP and level up your character.

Loot, Loot and Loot

You have to collect more and more money so, try to steal everything you see. Take every crate and every enemy you defeat. Avoid making when guards are around because you will end up in an unnecessary fight. Once you harvest any particular combination of ingredients, you don’t need to collect more just use alcohol to keep the stocks up. Explore the question mark sign in your map you will get something interesting there.

You Can Repair Your Weapon In A Combat

If you are fighting a boss and your sword is damaged you can repair it without losing the match. You have to pause the game and repair your sword, and you are ready to go. Similarly, you can improve your other weapons too.
Buy blinders and saddlebags for your horse. These will help you in combat and carry more load on the horse.

So this is all for The Witcher 3. Hope you enjoy playing it.


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