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For all the basketball fans out there, the NBA Live is a boon in disguise of a mobile app. Ardent followers of the cash-rich league can live out their fantasy of building their dream team and slam dunk their way to the top of the table.

You may be familiar with the controls and the gameplay, but as always, there’s always more to the story. So here are some things you didn’t know about the NBA Live mobile game.

NBA Live Mobile
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1. In-App Purchases:

Microtransactions have become an integral part of the game nowadays. Developers and publishers are making big bucks on these purchases. NBA Live is no exception to this. The in-app purchases serve as a shortcut towards making your ultimate team.

The hard but possible way of shaping up your team is to play matches, gain XP/coins and purchase packs with the hard-earned virtual money. But microtransactions make it possible to buy pro packs with real money. These pro packs contain the best players with the humungous stats that make valuable additions to your custom teams.

The rating of your team skyrockets immediately. This way, you can bypass the time and energy-consuming grind of the game but at the cost of spending real money.

2. Hacks and Cheats:

Hacks and cheats are available in almost every game. In NBA Live, a simple hack can make your journey through the game a piece of cake. There is a small tool call NBA Live Mobile Hack Tool, in which you have to enter your account information.

Do this, and you will be displayed a code, indicating that you have hacked the game’s system. After hacking, you will have access to unlimited coins and NBA cash, which otherwise have to be earned by grinding through the game.

3. Logging Into NBA Live Account:

A neat way to sync your progress in the game on all platforms, make sure you have logged into your NBA Live account before you play the game. This method allows you to record your progress on any device on which you play this game.

Suppose you played for an hour on your mobile and made tremendous progress but your device ran out of power, you can continue to play on your PC by logging into the same account on which you had played on the mobile. The game can also be synced via Facebook, Gamecenter or your email.

4. Getting Coins Easily:

One of the single most important aspects of the game, a number of coins can make or break your game. Keeping their number high should be your topmost priority. One easy way to accomplish this is to complete the daily and weekly achievements on a regular basis.

The game rewards you for an increased amount of coins and this number gradually increases as you complete the achievements consecutively. Moreover, completing NBA Live Mobile packs also gives you easy money to spend for a considerably low effort.

5. The Freeze Problem:

One of the most recurring problems that plague this game, the screen freezes in the tutorial phase of the game or in the loading screen itself. Also, people have experienced problems while completing the timed-events and tutorials. The game hangs and you have to start from the beginning.

So the easiest way to fix this is to quit the game and restart your device. It’s not a foolproof method, and the error may pop up again, but as of now, this is the only way to counter it.

6. The NBA Auction:

Probably the best way to include new and better players in your team for an affordable price, the auction is the mainstay of all players.

All the players keep a lookout on this as to when their desired player will be available. The auction usually serves as the turning point of any match as the winning team has the better players of the two.

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