10 Things To Know About FIFA 17

The FIFA 17 Gaming and series has been the best thing that had ever happened to a gamers’ life. We all love Football, and what could be possibly amazing, then the ability to showcase your brilliant moves, not on the ground, but in the gaming console.

And like every year this year’s FIFA 17, has many surprises, which will really give you Goosebumps and you can enjoy the game without any hassle. This year’s FIFA sees the entry of a cluster of new tricks, some functional, some shamelessly for showboating. The game’s set pieces had been overhauled, but there’s also a handful of amazing new skill moves to master, as well as a more functional group of abilities (including threaded through passes, downward headers, and the exotic-sounding trivial free kick).

So, there are the 10 Fifa coins hack, that you didn’t know, you could do in the FIFA 17, virtual ground.

10 FIFA 2017 Coins Hack:


Driven Shot:

Hold down B/C to charge a shot, tap again to release

With the upgrade of various features, the Goalkeeper’s ability to defence also increased. So, in order to find the Beck of the net, you need to vary your shots often. One way, to do this is with the game’s driven finish, which will send the ball skimming along the surface of the field, to the goal. This would increase the chances of your shots being converted into a goal. This is generally effective from inside the box and negates the security of the near post, which is restored since FIFA 16.

Hold Up the Ball:

Hold LT/L2 as the ball is arriving at a player’s feet

One intriguing fact about the FIFA 17, is that it is all about the Physicality. The player’s strength & fitness is now more important than the individual’s skill.  Successfully doing the trick will allow your striker to bring nearby attackers into play, before spinning away and advancing on the goal post themselves. This provides an unbelievable advantage to your player as well as your team.

Threaded through Pass:

Hold down RB/R1 while playing a through pass (Y/triangle

One of the annoying moment in any football game is, seeing your main striker dashing through a gap in the defence, preparing to send the ball one-on-one with the goalkeeper, and seeing you’re perfectly timed through ball clatter off the shins of your marker. It is the most frustrating thing ever. Through with careful passes, the game will be more exciting, but can often infuriate. This is overcome by this year’s new feature as mentioned above. The threaded passes, allow you to pass with greater precision and accuracy, curving the ball slightly into the path of your teammate. This feature can save you from a lot of trouble.

Downwards Header:

Press B/circle twice as the cross comes in; hold longer the first time for greater power

Crosses and headers have been pretty unreasonably overpowered in FIFA for a few years now – and unfortunately, this year’s game doesn’t look to have improved that. So, make sure to take advantage of that. The Downwards header is a new feature allowing you to take the greatest advantage to score a goal from wide positions. So, make sure to use the feature efficiently, otherwise, you would be struck in a place, where you can blame none

Trivela Free Kick

Aim slightly outside the near post; use RS to align your player directly behind the ball, and point LS 45 degrees up and towards the goal

A new FIFA game signifies a new type of free kick ranging from deceptive layoffs to the unpredictable “Knuckleball”, and this year’s game is no different. This Year’s game has also successfully launched a new feature of free kick called”trivela”. It involves striking the ball with the outside of the boot, sending it unexpectedly around the near-post side of the wall and thus into the back of the net. With efficient, use of the new feature you stand a high chance of winning the game.

Dummy Throw-Ins:

X/Square in the direction of the player you wish to fake the ball towards, then A/X towards the actual recipient

Fake throws ins, while hardly the flashiest new feature added in the franchise, has a definite purpose. Faking a conservative throw towards a deep-lying player – before turning and whipping the ball to an attacking threat – can often confuse the opposition. This feature is of little help, but could be a huge deciding factor in the game.

V-Drag Back:

While stationary, perform a fake shot (B/circle then A/X) while holding down RT/R2 – while simultaneously flicking LS diagonally forward-left or forward-right of your player’s position

This special feature requires a player with 4-star rating or above. The V-drag back is one of those features which are great for suckering an opponent in, before misleading in the other direction and then busting away. This is proved to e one of the most effective skills of FIFA 17, but requires little practice to master. But a once, the desired level of precision is achieved this feature will definitely help you to ace the game.

Driven Goalkeeper Distribution:

Hold down RB/R1 and either the throw or kick button

Goalkeepers have been given, an added dose of precision this year with the ability to drive their throws and kicks in the right direction. This works best when setting off counter attacks, but one must be careful of interceptions when using the technique in tight situations, it can cost you a bunch.


Sprint with RT/R2, slow down with LT/L2, and obviously at that point shoot

Penalty kicks are more difficult to place than free kick, in this game. This feature is definitely better than the earlier edition, with little margin of error. You will feel like taking a regular kick. With some practice, the penalty kicks will be a piece of cake for you.


Hold RB/R2 and tap Y/triangle twice (obviously, after scoring a goal).

This is not a technique but indeed, a light-hearted celebration after scoring a goal. Because we all love post-goal celebrations. This has been popularised by Paul Pogba. In this new edition of the popular game, you can now enjoy a light-hearted celebration, with the iconic pose.


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