10 Must-have apps for job seekers

Job hunting has intensified over the years

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In recent years, apps have taken over. From language translation to ordering food, there’s an app for everything. Job hunting hasn’t been left behind. There are numerous apps that will assist you in searching for the appropriate job.

Below are top 10 apps suitable for any job seeker out there:


  1. JobCompass

Whenever you’re contemplating about a new job opportunity, proximity is important. This app will help you to find jobs that are close-by. While some job boards let you filter search results by your ZIP code, JobCompass utilizes your phone’s GPS to indicate where the job is from your specified location. If you’re contemplating about moving to a new place, look for jobs in more than 55 countries to see what you’ll find.


  1. SnagAJob

Access to fresh listings has been made easier

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SnagAJob is one of the best apps for job seekers. It provides immediate access to its database of fresh job listings. Furthermore, it matches you with jobs that fit you. In addition to the one-click apply feature, SnagAJob allows you to showcase your personality to potential employers. You can include a personality quiz to your profile or a video profile for you to stick out from a pool of applicants.


  1. LinkedIn

With LinkedIn, those who apply for jobs on the first day of posting have a 10% chance of being hired. Ensure that you’re the first one to apply with this user-friendly app. LinkedIn offers information on various companies, customizable search, and job alerts. You will possess the information that you require to apply and get in touch with the appropriate contacts.


  1. JobAware

You can sync your job searches on the web and app

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It’s regarded as the highest-rated job-search app on iOS. This app enables you to sync your job searches on the web and on the app. You can also incorporate them with LinkedIn. Additionally, you can trail your search progress, compare jobs in various places or even look at information on salaries. JobAware links you to various learning materials to help you during job hunting.


  1. LinkUp

Whenever you’re looking for positions on open job boards, you are likely to run the risk of bumping into a scam job. This app gets listings straight from company websites. The jobs you’ll locate via the app are always legitimate. Similar to several other job-hunting apps, LinkUp allows you to save the listings that you desire, go back to your search history and get alerts for suitable jobs.


  1. iPQ Career Planner

With iPQ Career Planner, you’ll be able to identify strengths and weaknesses and how to handle them

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We know that most of you have applied for many jobs but none have materialized, or you’re not certain of your career path. iPQ Career Planner will assist you to identify the perfect job and increase your chances of landing it. It contains a 52-question assessment that will assist you to identify your strengths and weaknesses, shows you how to handle them, and recommends matching jobs and careers.


  1. ResumeMaker On-The-Go

Anyone searching for a job should never be without their resumes in their Android device. However, if by any chance that happens, ResumeMaker On-the-Go makes it easy for you to make your resume on your smartphone.


  1. Switch

You can reach the employer through the messaging feature

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If you’re a fan of Tinder, then this app is for you. While browsing for jobs, you can swipe right if you’re interested and left if otherwise. On the opposite side, the prospective employers are also swiping left and right on possible candidates. In the event that you show interest in a job, and the employer also shows interest in your profile, you can then directly communicate with the hiring manager via the app’s messaging feature.


  1. Simply Hired

This is an aggregation tool that gets job listings from various sources like company websites and job boards. It also allows you to set up alerts for new job postings based on your search criteria. With this, you won’t miss any opportunity that pops up online. You can also save jobs so that you can apply at a later time.


  1. Glassdoor

Get first-hand information from the past and current employees

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This app is divided into various segments; companies, jobs, and salaries which can be challenging to navigate through at times. It enables mobile phone users to access job postings while getting first-hand information about various companies from current and past employees.



There you have it. If you’re looking for a job, these apps might be useful to you. If you have any problems with your resume, you can seek the help of a resume writing service from professionals.

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