Ways to increase Instagram followers

Social media is common among internet users because you can view photos and video that your friends or people who are in your network share.
Instagram is a platform which allows user to upload and share pictures or videos and you can even do editing to picture to make them look better using filters. It is up to you if you want to keep those uploads private, public or just share it with people who are following you.
There are many famous celebrities that are active on Instagram who have more than millions of followers and there are even ordinary people who have huge amount of follower but how do they have when many of us do not have this crazy amount of followers.
Ways to increase Instagram followers
Here are some ways to increase followers on Instagram
1.    Update your profile
First thing is to update your profile and fill the information section, tell them about yourself because people want to know about you who you are and what you do. Make sure you select the right profile photo as it is one of the main factors in the amount of visit to your page.
2.    Link your profile with Facebook account
By linking your profile with your Facebook page you can add people from your Facebook network that are using Instagram and send invitation to one who are not.
3.    Use tags
When you tag your upload, it is get noticed by the people who are new followers to you and may start to follow you.
4.    Post comments on the upload of a stranger
When you will post comments on the uploads of other who are not in your network after reading your comments there is an excellent chance that they will start following you     
5.    Like random people photos
Liking photos of the people who are new to you, can amount in increase of followers.
6.    Upload unique stuff on your profile
When you upload stuff that is unique and kind of stuff that people are looking for, by uploading unique stuff your followers will increase
7.    Follow celebrities and post on their upload
By following celebrities who have majority of Instagram users and posting comments on their upload is a fantastic and a proven way to increase your followers. 
8.    Get tagged by celebrities
If you upload a unique post and tag a celebrities with something that will make them share your post or tag you back will improve your chances of getting new users.
9.    Post funny stuff daily
Who doesn’t like seeing a post that will make them smile or laugh. If you post funny stuff daily so you will quickly see the increase in your followers because people are in search of this kind of stuff and if you will provide it daily so they will daily visit your profile and share your post which will bring new follower to your page.
10.Follow suggested user
Instagram suggested potential new follower by intelligently checking commonalities among you so when you start following those user so there is big chance that they will follow you because it is proven that you make friendship with those people who have some common interest to yours.
11.Wednesday is the posting day
According to some researcher Wednesday is the day to post new stuff in your profile because of the amount of user’s engagement that occur that day.
12.Tag your friends in your post
When you tag your friend in your post that you think they like so they share it in their profile because of which friends of your friends might start following you.
13.Say no to filters
According to some researchers post with no filter will get more likes and comments and can bring new followers to your account.
14.Promote your account on various platforms.
When you will promote your account on different famous platform like Facebook, YouTube and some forum so it will bring more traffic to your page and more traffic means higher chances of new followers.
15.Be the first one to post about event
When you go to the celebrity concert or live sport match so you take photos there and make video of it, make sure you post them first because there are users who did not attend that event and are looking for the pictures or video of that event if you will be the first one to share so people like those will start following you and bring more followers with them.
16.Ask famous celebrity to post using your profile
If you know a celebrity or are friend with them so ask them to make post using your profile it is the best way to bring huge numbers of new followers.
17.Post blue color photos
According to some researchers you will get more engagement if you will post photos of blue color.
18. Photo contest
Conducting a photo contest is the best way to engage user which result in new followers to your page.
19.Post between 5 P.M to 6 P.M
According to the research best time to post is 5 pm to 6 pm, PST if you want to increase followers.  

20.Use emoji’s
By using emoji’s we can generate engagement, according to Anthony Thompson who told this at Post planner. He said that it helped him gain about three times more followers. Emoji’s are pretty popular these days as people want shortest way to explain the things they want to tell and using emoji’s they can reveal their emotion pretty quick.
21.Tell stories
Brands are using this method as they use pictures and videos to tell their stories in a way that engages customer and conveys the message that brands are sending effectively.
People who want to grow number of followers should be active every day and post unique things daily so that chances of being followed by new user increase. Also they should do the things mentioned above to get new followers.
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Umar Ali is a Social media marketing Expert in Found and He also provide seo service in Pakistan. He loves to write about his life Experience and He Wrote many blog where He Learn about Social media marketing.

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