Educational blog, its uses and its advantages

Educational blog, its uses and its advantages
Blog is a website that gives information to the audience on a particular subject or where discussion takes place between blogger and its audiences. After the arrival of internet some users started to discuss about the issues that needed to be resolved on internet and some started to provide the information on various subjects. Now blogging has many forms and is used for much purpose, education is one of those purposes. In educational blogs the purpose is to teach, share information and give them tips so that the reader can take help from it.
 Uses of educational blog
1.     Important notice
Blogs are used by teachers to give student information about class timings, class rules, announcements of quizzes, homework and assignment, announcement of rescheduling of the class and distribution of notes.     
2.     As the result update
Teacher use blogs to share the results of test, paper and assignment with class so that they can tell each students in detail about what weakness they have and how they can overcome it. Their strength and ways they can further improve.  
3.     Tips and assistance
The teachers use this medium to assist students in the problem of their assignment so that they can clear their misunderstanding and do that assignment in the best way possible. They teach student who hasn’t understand particular topic in teacher’s class
4.     Assignment
Students are given assignment which needs a lot of information to complete their assignment in the best manner possible so blog is the best medium for their assignment help as by reading a blog they gain and learn valuable information which helps them in completing their assignment
5.     Writing skills
Students are asked to write a blog by the teachers or educational institute as a part of their course activity. These blogs are aimed to improve the writing skills of the student as it helps them in knowing what attracts readers and how readers react to their blogs and helps them in writing from reader’s point of view.  
Advantages of educational blogs
1.     Makes student eager to learn
Because of educational blog students are motivated to learn the things the way the like as there are bloggers who write things in a manner which student understand more easily in comparison to others so because of these blogs student knows one can improve his performance easily.
2.     Time manager
Because of blogs students have become better at managing time as they know how much time the need to find the information which helps them in finishing their work on time.
3.     Choices
The students have so many choices as there are some many bloggers writing same topic so students select those they find easy.
4.     Quality contents
Some blogs are written by the users, who are experts themselves so they provide material of top notch. These experts write about their subject in details and give complete information.
5.     Reduces stress
Whenever we are given assignment today we don’t take stress because we know that there would be a blog written on it, which will make it easier for us to complete our assignment and it is  also a good thing as stress can decrease the quality of life.   
6.     Keep them updated
Now we are constantly up to date with the latest technological development as there is a blog written on it in the matter of moment. These blog tell us what does development are and how to use them perfectly so we learn from those blogs and keep our self updated with latest development.
7.     Diversity
In management courses we have studied the advantages of diversity, when there would be different people working on the same problem so the result would be different solution. So we can select the one that is time effective and best.
There are bloggers from 7 continents each bringing a unique solution to a same problem how great is that.

In the world of internet there are many blogs written for different purpose. Educational blogs purpose is to teach readers about a certain subject, students take huge advantage from it for their assignment help, to stay updated with new changes and to learn. Not only student but teachers are also taking help from it to make important announcement related to a class, to guide students in their work, to teach them once again and use to improve students writing abilities.

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