6 Benefits of Technology in the classroom

Technology is improving time by time and is used by everyone and everywhere, the educational sector is also benefiting from it. There was a time when we use to carry heavy books with us and we had only one book for our help but those days are gone as technology has improved the classroom learning. Books are replaced by eBooks which require slim and light tablet which can be carried easily anywhere. This technological use in the classroom has benefitted both teachers and students.

6 Benefits of Technology in the classroom

1.  Engagement

Students engagement has increased since classroom has encouraged the use of technology as a student are constantly paying attention to presentation consisting of picture, different colours and videos and more students are participating in class because of it. A teacher can take a practice test online and can teach them with the help of educational games which every student enjoys.

2. Retention

When every student is paying attention to every single detail, so they retain that lecture for more longer. A student might easily forget words but forgetting a video or image is difficult because images are stored in our long term memory.  

3. Control 

Technology empowers student and gives them control over what they want when they want and how they want.  The student has the option to select a certain topic from whichever source, so they select the author they prefer and like and access to what they say and understand their way because for them this would be the material which they understand. Students can choose any medium for learning as they have plenty of options like video website or using Google where one will have many links to choose from. A student can use the internet for Assignment Help and students can choose material from all over the world which is the benefit of technology.

4. Aiding Teachers

Teachers are also enjoying benefits from classroom technology, before technology they had to rely on their voices, chalk or markers to deliver lecture which student after 20 minutes found it boring because of which they use to lose attention in lectures and gained bad marks in the subject and teachers were asked why their class is not performing but now with technology they can deliver lecture with the help of projectors, PowerPoint and videos, students find these new way far more attractive and it helps them in paying more attention. Classroom retention and engagement has increased which is helping teachers in delivering lectures successfully and helping students in getting more marks on the subject.  

5. New skills

Students and teachers have the whole internet which they can use to increase their knowledge and learn new skills and those skills can benefit them in future. Students and teachers can learn new skills by watching the videos of them and then practising it themselves because it is proven that humanly learns from observing and practising. Students can learn how to improve their class performance and teacher can learn how to deliver lectures successfully.

6. Learn from anywhere

Technology has made things so much easier that one can take classes from even sitting at home, yes distance learning is gaining momentum as it gives students ease of taking lectures from anywhere or any part of the world. Every student can now take courses at top online universities whose degree is accepted in every part of the world. Students who couldn’t study because of time and office can easily study while doing their jobs because with distance learning power of choosing a time is with you.


Technology has played a major part in improving the knowledge access to people, improving student productivity and improving delivery of teacher’s lectures. Student and teachers use the internet to solve their various problems and if any educational institute is neglecting it so it is not reaping the benefits it provides.     


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