Use of Latest Technology and Security Concerns

Technical advancement has curbed many security related hitches. These technical tools are efficient and accurate. It was very difficult to efficiently monitor security issues before the advent of technology. Laborious findings can now be processed in short time period. Technology has played an important role in improving security conditions. The precise results are available without chances of human error. Technology has helped in catching terrorists and criminals. Some of the ways technology can improve security conditions are discussed in this article.

1.CCTV Cameras

We can see CCTV cameras have been implanted on different public and official buildings. The footages recorded by these cameras can help in identifying the malicious factor responsible for security concerns. Various most wanted criminals are being tracked down with the help of CCTV cameras. 
Use of Latest Technology and Security Concerns 1

2.Security Gates

Security walk through gates are found in different public and high profile places. These security gates make sure that all people are weapon less and they don’t have any kind of armament which could be used to harm other people. These security walk through gates have done a great deal of help in reducing security issues.

3.Mobile Taping

Mobile taping is being done with the instructions of governmental officials. Mobile taping gives records of conversation of different people and the identification of mysterious calls can be proved beneficial for securing the state from any impending danger and disaster. Various calls have been taped down and different criminals and traitors are caught for further investigation. Mobile taping has helped in catching high profile terrorists and criminals. 


Scanners are fixed in offices and other buildings. People are allowed entrance in getting clearance from these scanners. Strangers are recognized and they are not given permissions to enter in these buildings. These scanners have stored information about employees working there and they are able to sense strange finger prints. Thus, strangers and non-relevant people are easily identified.

5.Expedient  Forensic and legal investigations

Technical assistance has helped in carrying out legal and forensic investigation in less time. Previously these proceedings required lot of time and they were lethargic as well with chances of human error. The biometric identification has helped in identification of serious criminals. Locations can also be identified for capturing criminals and anti-state people.

6.Technical assistance with the help of robot vehicles

Different robot vehicles are devised which have scanners to identify the weapons, armaments or bombs etc. These robot vehicles can be used in public and official grounds or buildings. These robot vehicles have helped in detecting various nascent and destructive elements from the public places. 
These were some of the ways technology has helped in controlling the security concerns. It is duty of every state to use technical assistance to make improved security conditions. Technology has contributed a lot in detecting notorious factors present in environment. Technology is errorless and accurate in detecting the criminals and criminal activities. The results are error free and help in expediting the legal process without any delay. More technical advancement is expected in years to come. 
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