Tricks to Motivate Yourself

Motivation is hard to come by these largely owing to the technology which has made us lazy and dull. There was a time when tasks needed manpower and so people stayed fit by eating healthy and exercising regularly. Then came computers and the Internet and our generation succumbed to its dominance.

We can debate on how technology is making us lazier by the day but this article deals in some tricks on how to motivate yourself. Primarily motivation is divided into two parts; intrinsic motivation – that comes from within and extrinsic motivation which is governed by external factors such as fear or reward. So what are these tricks? Read on to find out below:

Tricks to Motivate Yourself 1

Outsource Your Inspiration

For many people, nothing inspires them the most than people who believe in them. The people who stand by them in achieving their goals. It may be your parents or your spouse/partner. Keeping this in mind, a set of developers have created the most awesome by the name of Pact app but it for iPhone users.

You can attach your credit card to the app and assign a set target you wish to acquire. If you can check with the app during a number of times in the day, you earn money via the app. In the case where you forget or don’t check in with the app, you pay a certain amount. Thus, it is proven that money is the greatest motivator.

Broaden Your Library

You can expect to find motivation in books. Books pack ingredients that will not only help you to complete tasks in a better fashion but also provides with smart techniques by means of which you can accomplish the same task in less time.

An example is that of Amazon. Amazon lets you regulate how much you pay for a certain number of books on a given subject. The price is determined by the quality of the books available. For a beginner, it is advisable to do a search “… for Dummies” and you will be presented with a number of books by reading which you will be able to finish the task at hand in an effective method.

Goals of Hierarchy

Having the main goal in life is essential but you should have something planned as back, should things were to go haywire. This way you can always fall back on your secondary goals without delving too much on your failure.

But that is not to say that you shouldn’t give your best shot in the pursuit of your main goal. There is no substitute for hard and there are no shortcuts either. With a backup plan, you can focus on other things such as leveraging the progress from plan A into plan B so as to not let all of your efforts go to waste.

Make Your Goals Known

If your social circle knows that you are trying to achieve certain goals, you are more likely to pursue them with passion. The Hawthorne Effect reveals that when employees are being observed they tend to perform better. Similarly, when your goals are out in the open and the people around you know about it, you automatically are more inclined in completing those goals.

But remember it is a double edged sword. The more the people know, the more there are chances of it being tragic, should you fail to realize those goals. Therefore, it is advisable to speak or share your goals with others but never boast about them because you never know what circumstances will life put you in.

Reassess Your Network

By reassign the network it means, see what value additions you can bring to your social circle and leave family/close friends out of this. It is about those individuals who share the same interest as you at the heart. Such individuals will be your guardian angels should you go off-track in the pursuit of your goal. In other words, will keep you focused on your ultimate objective (whatever it be, hopefully positive)

Make it a Group Effort

Competition, nothing drives you more than the competition. So those you think have similar goals as yourself, compete with them as to who will accomplish theirs first. This race will keep you motivated till the very end.

Oh, and did I mention, keep the competition healthy. Another way is to team up with such individuals and collaborate for achieving a cumulative goal.

Quotes That Go a Long Way

We all know this. We share it on a number of occasions across all of our social networks. The words of wisdom, the quotes that instill inspiration. And they are in fact best sources of motivation. To have these quotes set as your desktop or mobile phone background can greatly uplift your morale upon seeing them daily or routinely when you swipe to access your phone.

Consequently, this sighting will make you head on to your goals with improved rigor, which if you have been feeling down and out. Moreover, the quotes will flood you with positivity.

Author Bio: Merlyn is a student of psychology and writes on the topics pertaining to human psychology, ways to inspire, success in life and happiness in general. He loves to travel and a foodie. You can seek his help on write my essay for me by following him on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

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