Want to Increase Your Productivity Using Technology? Follow These Two Basic Ways!

You must have heard people claiming that they have made their lives productive by using technology. Would you like to take the advantages of technology the same way? If yes, then learn these ways. Have a look:

Want to Increase Your Productivity Using Technology? Follow These Two Basic Ways! 1

To-Do List Apps

One of the way through which you can increase your productivity is by using to-do list apps. These apps provide you an opportunity to organize your tasks and get them done with a clear focus. There is an extension of your Google account that is very beneficial and easy to use. This extension is known as Google Tasks. You can access Google Tasks on your desktop, in the Firefox Sidebar, Google Chrome, Startpage, and by embedding the gadget directly in the Gmail (like iGoogle). Not only this, there are many other apps including Remember the Milk and Wunderlist that are very handy to-do list apps and the best part about them is that they are available on all the platforms. If you are an iOs user then there is a good news for you. Apps like OmniFocus and Clear are designed especially for iOs users. These apps are straightforward and elegant methods that can enable you to note your tasks and them synchronize them across more than one devices.

Note Taking Apps

One of the other ways through which you can increase your productivity using technology is by using note taking apps. Gone are the days when you had to worry to record important information and save all the significant details. Now you can use apps like OneNote, GoogleKeep, andEvernote to save your notes. Their features are really good. Want to know their features? See this:

Features of Google Keep

• It lets you capture what is on your mind through photos, lists, notes, and recorded memos.

• It lets you share thoughts and ideas with your family and friends in the form of note-sharing.

• It allows you to add color codes and labels to your notes to give you a sense of comfort.

• It is always within the reach and works on all the platforms.

Features of One Note

• It lets you type, draw or write the way you want.

• It lets you explore the web to generate ideas.

• It lets you collaborate with anyone living in any part of the world.

• It lets you draw either by using a fingertip or stylus.

• It provides you an opportunity to take handwritten notes first and then convert them to the typed text afterwards.

• It lets you highlight the important things and showcase ideas with shapes or colors.

Features of Evernote

• It lets you make a project to-do list.

• It lets you make a note.

• It makes your note available on all the devices so after saving a note, you don’t need to worry.

• It makes sure that the notes that you have saved, are easily accessible for you.

• It even makes you search for those handwritten words that have buried deep within all your notes.

• You can share your notes with anyone living in any part of the world through Evernote.

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