‘X’Exceptionally Handy Websites You Didn’t Know of Before

There are tons of websites that will make your life a hell lot easier. They can prove to be really but only if knew but worry not! We are here to bring you a list of such websites. The reason you might not have heard of them is because they are not as popular as opposed to some big names out there.

‘X’Exceptionally Handy Websites You Didn’t Know of Before 1


If you have issues signing up for websites (by issue I mean bothers you) every time you try to access information or download or make a purchase online. It can be downright annoying for avid users of the internet and not for the occasional ones.
Therefore, BugMeNot offers you easy, O my fellow internet surfers by way of providing shared access to thousands of websites. So you don’t have to create new logins instead BugMeNot will rush to your rescue and you can enjoy shared logins.

2.Get Notify

We all use Messenger and WhatsApp and it feels so good that your delivered message has been read when those tickmarks go blue. Who wouldn’t want to derive pleasure out of seeing their beautifully crafted and soulful messages intended for the recipient getting read and, on top of that, replied?
For long we wished, we could also do the same for our emails. With Get Notify this problem of yours has been solved. You just have to add .getnotify.com at the end of your ‘To’ address and you can monitor the stat in your outbox folder whether it has been delivered and read by the intended recipient.

You will get the notification in your inbox when the recipient does.

3.Zero Dollar Movies

Zero Dollar Movies, as the name implies, you don’t have to spend a dime in accessing the wealth of movies which are available on the portal for your viewing pleasure (close to 15k full-length movies). These are basically uploaded to YouTube and you can watch them for free via ZDM.
The plus point is it only indexes full-length flicks meaning you won’t be deceived into playing the half upload of the movie or a tricked into watching a fan made trailer (which really sucks btw, I know). Moreover, the clean interface makes the experience all the more useful.


With Livestream, you can broadcast your content to viewers across a multitude of platforms.


As shortened as the name is, the same is the purpose of this website. It converts your emails into small customized URLs and you can then share it on public websites. The idea behind is to prevent your email address being from being picked by spam robots.

Oh and it offers protection against those email harvesters as well who are on the constant lookout for your email address.


It is a Reverse Image search tool which is at par with Google Image Search. The edge that TinEye, however, packs is that it has a set of APIs which can be utilized for both commercial and private purposes. In short, this is a perfect website for developer folks.

7.Fax Zero

Fax Zero is about sending those faxes – duh (what else you thought?). With FZ, you can dispatch faxes to US and Canada at absolutely zero cost. Furthermore, you can benefit from it by paying fixed amount to send faxes countries outside North America.


Things like if fingernails and hair continue to grow even after death and this is the question that has bugged all us for long, at least us millennials. So why don’t you give it a shot and try Snopes so that you can have your “thirst for knowledge” satiated? Also, check if all those urban myths you heard of are true.


Do you have problems sticking with your goals you’ve set in life? (I mean, who doesn’t struggle). Give Stickk a shot as it employs commitment contracts to help you achieve your goals.


Any, I repeat, ANY shipment package can be traced via Boxoh on Google Maps.


My personal favorite, it is an online image editing tool. So what if you don’t have your Instagram account, PicMonkey will do just that for you. You can browse through dozens of filters, effects, lighting, fonts and what not! So next time you want a Facebook cover that leaves your friends awestruck, think PicMonkey.


An online tool that will assist you in organizing anything by employing Kanban style cards. A recommended tool for online collaboration, tasks and project management.

13.Short Reckonings

Another online tool that will keep the data of your shared expenses in check. It is pretty easy to use and you can enter your expense amount in the least possible clicks. An ad-free interface adds to theoverall appeal of this website.

Hope you find the above websites useful and now you know their names too.

Author Bio: Dr. John is a developer by profession, and loves to blog in his leisure time. He can be contacted to buy assignment online. Follow him for more updates on his social media channels.

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