Technology which is driving us Crazy

Technology which is driving us Crazy

There is no doubt in a fact that technology is driving us crazy. For the things which we use to do manually, now we are using machines for that. Take the simple example of coffee maker. Scientists and big organizations are doing developments on a daily basis and inventing new stuff that is making us crazy all around. This is why I decided to discuss some of the wonders of technology which may be sound simple to you, but when I will break down its effects that it has created on us in this blog, then you will realize how it made us crazy.

The Communicational tools.

Remember the days when we have to wait outside phone booths to make any call? Those are the beautiful days when there was no one to interfere in your personal life. But all the developments in communication field killed our personal life. However, this is a bad impact of technology but still we the humans are crazy for the communication tools. You can see all the craziness out of the Apple stores whenever they about to launch their new model. People lined up there from the days just to get those smartphones.


If we divide the biggest technological advancement of the human kind, the internet will get the most weighting. The internet has almost killed the tradition of reading books or newspaper. Now whatever we want to know we just Google it, and it shows us the best results. Moreover, social media platforms are the biggest reason behind our unsociable life. We may have thousands of friends on Facebook, but there is no one whom we can call our friend and share the emotions with. Still, the human is getting crazier and crazier towards these sites. Whenever Facebook or Whatsapp launch any new update, we show strong reactions towards it as if we have lost something very personal. These social media platforms are the responsible for making everyone living a dual life.


This technology changed our modes of activities. There was a time when after the school kids gathers in the playgrounds and play various games. But the technology took this thing from the humans too. Nowadays every kid is more concern of buying PSP or X-box instead of football or basketball. They want the high tech consoles so they can enjoy the latest games. These are the very alarming situation for our young generation, but there is no one to stop them from this because even our generation are made about video games. Do you know that the giants of video games development companies develop their games by considering the target market of 18 to 26? Which means they are not even targeting the kids because they know that the market of 18 to 26 is enough for them to earn their profits.


Just like technology affected every sector of our life, it also changed our moods of entertainment. Those days were gone when everyone in the town gathers at one point to see any opera or different performing arts acts. But now the hi-res LCDs and LEDs have taken the place of all these. It doesn’t matter how tough you have spent your day; you will find some time to switch on your TV and at least watch one episode of your favorite show.

Over Relying:

Technology may be making our lives easy, but it is making us lazy too. Despite having the best technology in the medical science, the average human health is decreasing at an alarming rate. From the mode of our transportation to our cooking methods, technology has taken over almost everything. Those days are gone when people use to walk miles to reach their destination. Now we have to run on the treadmill for our cardio. People used to have real horse power that pulls the cart. Now we have the horsepower in the motor engines that push the metallic body of the car. Still, we enjoy these rides which are not polluting our environment but also danger for our cardio and lungs. Everyday people spends billions of dollar on the automobiles and the companies are in a race of producing the fastest and most beautiful cars without considering any of its consequences.


Technology is a coin which has two sides. It depends on you that which side of the coin you prefer. But it doesn’t have the unpredictability like the coin toss has. Whatever side you would choose, the motive and result would be clear to you from the day one.
In my opinion, the usage of technology that exploits the human ability should always be avoided. We cannot allow artificial intelligence (AI) to take the positions of the humans. I am not opposing the development of AI but it should be limited to the extent that it could only be used in a positive manner.

Author Bio:

Justin Mark is a Master Degree holder in Philosophy from the Florida State University. Since his degree, he has written many blogs on the technology and human and also runs his own educational site where you can buy dissertation help online UK for your betterment of career.

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