Technologies that should be used in the classrooms

remember those days with me when we have to sharpen our pencils for every day’s
classwork and later on have to take care of our clothes from the leakage of the
fountain pens. Those were the dark days of education if we compare it to the
present situation where technology is taking the place of every toil of our
time. Now instead of the red marks on the notebooks, just the printed paper
from the computer is enough to showcase the progress. We had to search out the
entire dictionary just to know the meaning of one word, and now students have
this liberty to Google anything and get everything at their fingertips.
Technologies that should be used in the classrooms
manner of using technology in schools and colleges are increasing; I have
compiled some of the technologies that could sound unrealistic to many people
but can boost up the productivity of the students and can make education a fun
job to take.

Virtual Reality:

all are crazy about VR gadgets, aren’t we? If we could see movies and play games
on that, then why not use it in the classrooms. Schools and colleges have
changed their methods of teaching a lot. There was a time when classes used to
have black or green boards where teachers use colorful chalks to write
something. Then the white boards get introduced, and the chalks are replaced by
the markers. Now we have projector screens from quite a time. What about using
VR gadgets so teachers can demonstrate everything they teach in 3D form to
students and can even take students on a virtual field trip to give them a
better idea of everything. The inclusion of VR gadgets in schools colleges can
make even history classes interesting by showing students actual or made up
footages of the real events that sounds too dry while studying or reading. Virtual
Reality could be our next step in obsoleting paper consuming products like
books and converting them into soft copies so we can experience it through our
VR gadgets.

Artificial Intelligence:

I am
not in the favor of introducing the artificial intelligence systems like Jarvis
and Ultron in the schools. They are too mainstream. But using AI to increase
the productivity of teachers would not hurt our educational system. The
teachers in the schools and colleges perform double duties like teaching and grading.
Through artificial intelligence, we can help the teachers out in grading
students according to its potential and performance. Moreover, AI can assist
the teachers as well in case of any need of students. With the AI, students
will be able to get extra academic services like getting essay services UK
even without the help of any teacher. However, we haven’t been able to generate
as superior intelligence as the human possesses, which is why it is safe to say
that the status of the teaching profession is safe.

Gaming in the Classrooms:

doesn’t love video games! Especially in this modern age when we are getting
video games at the 4k resolution where everything looks so real. With all this
graphics, we can teach students things like solving the different chemical
equation, math problems, literature exercises and many more things just by
using it in the form of video games. The much recent example of such games is
Minecraft education edition which was released last year and gained massive
popularity among the educators. According to the users, this game helped them
in improving classroom engagement and build up their lessons ideas by making
the students think in a creative way rather than making them feel in the
academic style.

Concluding Remarks:

is here for our help, and it is on us that how we use it. We can build fighter
planes with that and keep killing each other in wars, or we can use it in the
productive way as I mentioned above. Now it is based on taking the first step
in this way because once it gets introduced in the market, there would be
nothing stopping this.

Author Bio:

Osula is M.Ed. from the University of Ohio and is very passionate about
introducing new and unique methods in the education sector to increase the productivity of
the students.


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