Nokia brand return to the mobile market with sale in China

Nokia used to be an iconic brand in the market of smartphones once, and now once again the company is trying in the same market. HMD purchased the rights to sell the Nokia smartphones, and later it announced the smartphone dubbed Nokia 6. The statement corresponded with the final day of CES in Las Vegas where other new gadgets and the mobile have been released as well.
Nokia is ready to get its dominant position in the market of mobile, and the latest offering of the company seems to be a good start. Nokia has released new Android smartphone ‘Nokia 6’ in China and the new device has sold out in just minutes.
Nokia brand return to the mobile market with sale in China 1
The launch of the smartphone marked the first device to carry the Nokia name since the year 2014 when Microsoft was the owner of Nokia. It might be a Nokia by name, but the smartphone is produced by HMD Global, a company that has the rights to use the name of Nokia for its devices. The deal lasted for next ten years and is apparently a bid by the enterprise to capitalize on the brand of the Nokia., the exclusive retailer of Nokia 6, launched its first flash sale online in China, and the phone was out of stock just in a minute. The retailer had received more than 1 million registrations for the sale although the exact number of handsets ordered has still to be revealed.

Nokia Android smartphones will get release inside Q1 2017

Nokia has confirmed the version of two smartphones in early 2017. Nokia apparently announced the phone’s release at MWC 2017 and the release would follow after that. There will be the release of two models i.e. a mid-ranger, and a flagship handset. Most people are interested in this phone as this will go head to head with the likes of iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy S8, which will get released in same time.
HMD owns Nokia. The brand is known for its innovation. HMD plans for the future of Nokia branded smartphones and tablets to run on the Android’s system, uniting one of the world’s iconic brands with the leading mobile software and community of application development.

Back in action

At the beginning of this month, HMD announced the release of the Nokia 6 smartphone. In an interview, HMD said that the decision to launch the smartphone running Android in China is reflective of the size of the market and its growth.
“China is the largest and most competitive smartphone market in the world. It is not a collaboration that we have chosen to get our first Android device to our city with a long-term partner. is known for its mobile customer base, and from many years it has believed in the brand of Nokia and has also sold many of the products to our Chinese customers”, said by the vice president of Greater China, Nestor Xu.
While the Nokia 6 appears to be trending in China, The Verge pointed out the dates with the start of Mobile World Congress, a trade show being held in Barcelona, Spain. Expectations are high that more Nokia brand phones will get revealed during the event.
At this time, the phone will only get released in China, but the leaked report has also revealed that the company might have plans to release the phone in Europe as well. The decision of HMD to release the first Android phone in China is a reflection to meet the needs of the consumer in various markets worldwide, HMD said in a statement before the sale.

Growing China’s importance

The idea of launching smartphones in China is just another reminder of how large the market of Chinese smartphone is. The company stated that there are about 553 million smartphone users in China, which is double the overall population of U.S. HMD also added that the figure is likely to grow to more than 594 million users by the end of this year.
HMD will have to fight with the local brands like Xiomi, Oppo, Vivo, and Huawei to gain the popularity in the market. HMD also said in a statement that the premium design and quality are highly appreciated by the consumers in the market.
HMD purchased the rights to sell the Nokia branded tablets and smartphones from Microsoft in $350 million deal. The new device of Android is expected to mark the return of Nokia to the smartphones market after a series of Windows models that did not go well. Last time the company made headlines were in December when it said that it was suing Apple over 32 smartphone patents.

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