GravityLight – a technology to eliminate darkness from the world

Abstract:GravityLight is a recent cost-effective technology to exploit the force gravity to generate light, replacing the other renewable energy sources in the years to come.
The rise in energy consumption, particularly electricity, has urged scientists to move their focus towards renewable sources of energy for power generation. Starting from oil and other similar fuels, to wind-power, hydropower, and even solar energy, all these resources are being exploited for one common purpose, i.e., to generate enough energy to cater the needs of people globally. Still, it is difficult to fulfill the purpose since all these energy sources allow a limited consumption. Even the availability of solar energy is restricted to daytime only. Creating such solar generators that can store solar energy for night usage is yet another problem. Thus the uninterrupted provision of even the most basic necessity of life, i.e., the light, remains a worldwide problem.

Will we be able to light up every corner of the world?

This is a general question raised by every individual who is willing to serve humanity, and to provide all facilities equally to the underprivileged ones too! To answer it affirmatively, a group of people came up with the idea to exploit such a source for energy production which is available round the clock without exhaustion, i.e., the force of Gravity! Doesn’t it sound interesting?

GravityLight – an effort to ‘light up’ the lives!

GravityLight – a technology to eliminate darkness from the world 1

GravityLight, as the name suggests, is a technology which uses the downward force of gravity as power supply for GravityLight lamps. Initiated by The GravityLight Foundation, a UK based charity organization, these power lamps are supposed to be made availablealsoto the darker parts of the world where people are still living a deprived life without light!

How do these GravityLight lamps work?

We know that gravitational force acts to bring every object in downwards direction, and it acts more on heavy weight objects than the lighter ones. This simple fact is exploited to design the working mechanism of GravityLight lamps.
GravityLight – a technology to eliminate darkness from the world 2
An 8-12kg weight (a bag filledwith stones or sand) is attached to the weight hook of the lamp. It is then pulled upwards with a strap attached to the lamp. When the weight reaches the top, it is left undisturbed to gradually come down by the action of gravitational force. This downward movement drives the generator inside the lamp to light up the LED attached to it. The power supply is enough to generate light for around 20 minutes. When the weight comes down, it can be pulled up again to continue power supply to the LED. This entire mechanism needs no external fuel or energy supply.

Join hands to save energy and spread light

The development of GravityLight lamps is actually an effort to replace conventional kerosene lamps which are mostly used in underprivileged areas of the world. As these kerosene lamps not only consume more fuel but are also dangerous with respect to human health and safety, the GravityLight Foundation took this initiative to replace these harmful lamps with the more safer and environment-friendly light sources. In the initial phase, this foundation is touring Kenyan villages where most people are compelled to use kerosene lamps. Hopefully, the success of these initial efforts may result in the widespread adaptation of this human-friendly technology.
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