5 Real Life uses of Augmented Reality

Wouldn’t it be great to just redecorate the world in our own image? Well, technology has brought us something that could be the next big thing – augmented reality. But it’s not always about fun and games. Some of the top brands from around the world have begun experimenting with AR.

And while a couple of apps turned dull and baseless, there are others that are doing it right and have made great progress over the years. People can learn more quickly in this regard and they don’t have to worry much about their mistakes. Let us look at some of the real-life examples of augmented reality.
5 Real Life uses of Augmented Reality 1

  1. Safety and Rescue operations

A human being’s safety is of the utmost priority. And thankfully, AR has been consistent when it comes to that. There will be an overlay of information that will be presented to first responders in rescue operations. It will include information and a 3D outline of the area that they will be dispatched to.

Daqri is an AR company specializes in assisting on-site construction workers and manufacturing. Because there’s a great need for safety in these sorts of environments, Daqri’s augmented reality helmets give workers a clear and actionable path on what they have to do and where they need to be.

  1. Better training

Now when it comes to training and learning, AR and virtual reality are already showing great promise. Trainees can go through an AR process as many times as they like until they understand the whole concept and procedure. The whole situation is a lot more elaborate and simpler as well.

For example, it is much easier to disassemble a virtual car rather than a real one and do it again as many times as they like. You can use this well in education or if you wish to improve or acquire some more skills.

  1. Urban Exploration

By now the world is more than familiar with the GPS system. With the power of augmented reality, drivers will no longer have to look into the screen of a GPS monitor to drive their way around an area. It simply means that their focus will not deviate from their driving.

What’s more is that you can even navigate on foot with the use of your phone or digital wearable. Even better is when you can use it both outdoors and indoors. There are already companies who are looking to incorporate this kind of technology with cars, phones and the like.

  1. Better conversation and reduction on returns

Wonder how you can chat with your friends live while also checking out what size shirt fits you at the same time from the comforts of your own room? Yes, indeed! That is what augmented reality enables you to do.

You also get to try out the shirt and the color that it comes with without having to take the one you’re wearing off. There is now something known as virtual dressing room that with the power of AR and of course a digital webcam, you get to actually try it out without leaving your house.

  1. Entertainment

AR has already gained a foothold in the entertainment department with the release of Pokemon Go. And with the release of upcoming AR headsets, entertainment is about to get an even bigger and louder boom than there has ever been before.

Some of the headsets making their way include Magic Leap, Meta 2 and Microsoft Hololens. Magic Leap has already demonstrated how you can turn all of your surroundings into an interactive gaming environment. Virtual reality may have some of the markets but they are restricted. AR, on the other hand, will make the transition feel more real.

Now that you have witnessed the power of AR, we know that you can’t wait to embrace the future with open arms.

Author bio: Kendall Jenner works as a chief reporter for Dissertation Writing Service Firm. She is a tech fanatic and is always informed about the latest tech in the market.

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