10 Quick Tips to Improve Android Performance

How to enhance the performance of Android
Phone following 10 tips

Everyone wants to
keep the Android smartphone in hands and pocket. It is easy to operate.In this
article, you will find the useful information regarding, how we can improve the performance of the android phone. If the android phone is not working properly,
especially after you must have been stacking it up with Android apps from the
Play Store. You find these tips very useful.
10 Quick Tips to Improve Android Performance

Smart Security system

Lock feature. These
smart locks are functioning with your Android
devices, chrome browser, Chromebooks, and different selected apps. Some
androids come with the latest changes and upgrade. You can use these smart lock
in the different situation.  You can find
these setting in the Settings >Security> Smart Lock. You can also use the
smart lock at the locations while you connect
with your laptop home PC or stereo system.

Face appearance Lock

In the android
phones, the recognition of the face is one of the new features on the android phone.
In the latest version of android 5.0 Lollipop, this update has been extremely
improved. Once the android phone get familiar with the user’s face, once it is set up, it will start identifying the face
of the user automatically.

High-performance Memory

You can also boost
up your android phone with the high-speed memory card. The Mobile phones come
with low internal memory can make it extend according to your requirements. It does not only improve the high-quality performance
of the phone but it also provides enough
storage in your smartphone. The apps work more efficiently and work faster. So
you can opt for Class 6 or 10 memory cards for your Android phones.


We find the Sync option
in android smartphones. The main feature
of the smartphone synchronizes your information with Google servers. It will
really work out for the sake of better performance and fast speed.  You can also sync off un reciprocated
applications or only have it on when transferring data to Google servers.

Deactivate Animation system

If the user is a lover of animated images in the Android OS, you
can simply switch on and off in the setting option.  When you disable the animation you will find a
difference in the performance along with a faster speed.

Avoid excessive use of Wallpapers

The live wallpaper
is the eye-catching feature in android phones. However, these wallpapers drain
your battery every time you turn on the screen. It will reduce your battery and
backlight so try to avoid losing the live

The updating of the new apps

In the android
phones, it automatically updates the latest version of apps and fixes bugs on
the regular basis. In this way, the
performance of the phone become well and decrease the risk of crashing.

Disable Apps

The new Android ICS
come with the special feature ‘Performance assistant’. It helps to disable the
apps which are no longer in use. You can make
it enable when needed.

Make updated your android phone

You can also
update your Android software as regularly as possible. The new upgrades always
come with faster speed, high performance,
and the friendly features.

Refresh Display for better performance

You can also make
it fresh your screen after using the apps. It prevents the app from draining
your phone battery.

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