The 21st has been called the era of new and advanced technology and it is now a common fact that technology is becoming an integral part of human life. Indeed, it is becoming more and more integrated into human society. During the last decade, mobile-based technology, such as smartphones and tablets has become the commonplace, and these mobile-based techs are replacing desktop PCs and laptops with quite fast pace and social media networking platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., have become second nature. The fast adoption of these new and innovative technologies all over the world has absolutely revolutionized the way human beings conduct their routine lives, which include ways knowledge and information is taught and consumed in classroom environments.
If we define technology, we can define it as any innovative tool that can assist in promoting learning aspects, which comprise, but not limited to, tablets, smartphones, digital calculators, Smart Interactive Whiteboards, Portable Digital Assistants (PDAs), video cameras, and, obviously, the computer. These are all the innovations of this century that have assisted the entire world, of we talk about education they can also have a greatest positive impact on students.
On the whole, integration of new and advanced tech-based tools, devices and systems into the classroom environment assists in preparing students for the practical life they will come across in future. Through this article, I will present four core beneficial aspects of integrating technology into the classroom setting.

1.      Technology Can Keep Students Stay Focused On Learning For Longer Periods Of Time

Whether you are in classroom or at home, the use of computers to extract knowledge/information is indeed a wonderful time saver, mainly when you use it to easy access a comprehensive resource, such as the Internet to do in-depth research work. This tremendous aspect of time-saving can really keep students stay focused on their assigned homework task for longer periods of time than they would with traditional printed books and other paper resources. In fact, use of technology assists students in developing better learning through in-depth research work and exploration.

2.      Technology Motivates Students To Learn

By integrating technology into class room setting and lessons, students are able to develop their interest in their learning because they are focused on their core curriculum they are studying. There are many subjects that might be quite boring for some students, such as science, mathematics, and others. By integrating technology into classroom setting and by using it properly, these subjects can be quite more engaging.

3.      Technology Allows Learners To Learn At Their Own Pace

The integration of technology into school environment enables students to learn at their own pace by getting direct, individualized instruction from the computer. This is usually known as the supplemental teaching and this teaching approach lets students them to engage deeply with the knowledge when they want as per their convenience and from anywhere else. This approach of teaching also gives the teacher enough time to successfully meet their classroom objectives.

4.      Integration Of Technology Into School Environment Prepares Learners For The Future

In fact, integration of technology into school environment prepares learners for the future. By using technology to learn and to get knowledge in the classroom, both teachers and learners are able to develop and improve their skills essential for this innovative century. Besides this, students will be able to develop and improve their critical thinking; along with essential workplace expertise they will really help students in their future practical life. Education is not just about getting some knowledge, but it is also about developing collaborative skills to collaborate with others, solving typical nature of academic and practical life problems, developing diverse communication forms and leadership skills, and developing and enhancing high level of motivation and productivity as well.
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