Top 7 Unanswered Questions behind Dr.ABJ.Abdul Kalam’s Dead

This week fully lots of media talks about Dr.ABJ.Abdul Kalam. Media never care about Kalam’s live period. People asks lot of question become Abdul Kalam’s death. I share some questions to you. Please answer my seven important questions. Any Politics profit present or not. Leave your answer in comments.
Top 7 Unanswered Questions behind Dr.ABJ.Abdul Kalam's Dead 1
Question No 1: Why people or media not covers video during Kalam’s went to hospital?
Question No 2: After Kalam’s death media talk about him but why media not say about Abdul Kalam sick’s from last one month?
Question No 3: Why BJP MP gave Flower garlands for Abdul Kalam’s photo before Kalam’s death?
Question No 4: Government announced holiday for all over India. But, Why Government suddenly punished Yusuf Manon?
Question No 5: How Kalam’s face turns black?
Question No 6: Why government allow sick Kalam’s to go without hospital cold place?

Question No 7: Kalam’s Death Nature or not.

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