Exciting New Advance Features of Dropbox!

is a simple technique to synch your files to the cloud. But to be honest, it is
much more. It is considered to be a best way for maintaining files or folders
which will be available whenever you want to access them. This application is a
service for file hosting for cloud storage, personal file management, file
synchronization, etc. Users can create a folder in the system where files can
be saved. Dropbox will synchronize this folder with cloud and hence you can
access this folder and data inside from any system just like you did it using
your system. There are several advance features of Dropbox service which makes
this application worth for usage.
è View
Any File Without Extra Application
file preview facility is a convenient feature for viewing files of all the
formats without needing the application to which the file belongs. One can view
complete PowerPoint presentation without needing any application for that. Your
system needs not to download any extra application or waste the memory space
for adding any extra application.
è Share Screenshots
Dropbox provides a quick method
to share the screenshots taken instead of dragging them to the Dropbox folder
and then copying the link. For this, it provides a rapid feature which can be
enabled using Mac or PC. For this, you can open the app preferences >> Import
tab >> check option for “save screenshots using Dropbox box”. This option
will let you take screenshots and Dropbox application will save these pictures
to dropbox>>screenshots. It will also copy a share link to the clipboard.
è View Special Files on Mobile
In order to access some of the important files, this
Dropbox application has this option to include the favorite files. You have to
find the files to be viewed offline, it will download all the files to your
mobile and you can access and view them without needing the run-time internet
è Create Backup for Pictures to Dropbox
Dropbox also has a photo
organizer where user can observe the photos uploaded by them. One can browse
these photos accordingly and organize them in sharable albums as well. You can
also perform the settings on the Dropbox and select the Import tab; this will import
the new photos from camera and the SD card which you connect to the system.
è Get Updated With New Features
When there is new update or
feature is launched for the Dropbox, you will be updated with the new upcoming
features. The updates will be available initially for selective group of
people. One can add themselves to this group of people to get the features

Many users are part of the
Dropbox facility and it has undoubtedly the best file sharing and syncing service.
It makes your data available always. The advance features mentioned above has
attracted many users for keep the files synched. The service is part of many users
and the features and facilities provided here are exceptional.
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