Zirx app used to Park the Car (Android+iOS)

Zirx introduced new app for Park cars. Now, this app available for Android and iOs users. This idea is really great. Zirx first introduced this idea.
Zirx app used to Park the Car (Android+iOS) 1
Zirx app used to Park the Car (Android+iOS) 2
If you are cars owner, do you want to park a car? Then just open this app and find nearby Zirx agent. This app shows him name and photos. Just give your car to him. They will park your car in secure place. Zirx agent offers some price to park cars. After parking, you want your car. Just use this app again. Zirix agent givs your car back. Zirix agent parks your car in fully secure place.

Zirix service only available in this cities L.A Seattle, San Francisco and Washington DC. Soon, this feature comes all over the world.

Zirx App Ad Video

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