10 Trusted Apps to Speed up your Android Device

Now, World of technology most of the people using android devices. Most of the people including me says “Android Performs slower & Android Battery down faster“. I also saying this news to my friends.

Lot’s of apps available in play store to boost your Android smartphone’s performance. But all are not works. In this article, I share some of the trusted Android apps to boost up your Android Smartphone performance. This all apps are tested by me. It never makes spam. Use this Android app and speed up your smartphone faster.

Top 10 Android Boosting Apps

#1 DU Speed Booster

Du Speed Booster is one of the amazing app to increase your Android Smartphone performance. This App feature with free antivirus, optimizer and cleaner.

#2 Advanced Task Manager

Advanced Task manager speed up your Android battery. It find the wasted background android app and stop it.

#3 Assistant

Assistant remove wasted files, clear RAM and check monitor status.

#4 Fast Reboot

Fast Reboot never reboots your phone. It simply reboot your Android apps and make some free memory.

#5 Greenify

It comes with hibernate feature.

#6 Smart Booster

#7 Music Volume EQ

#8 AppMgr III

#9 Advanced Mobile Care

#10 Ultimate Volume Booster

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