Types of Jailbreak, How to Backup iOS device using iCloud and iTunes.

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Types of Jailbreak, How to Backup iOS device using iCloud and iTunes. 1

Before we go ahead to some extent we need to know about Types of Jailbreaks.
  • Untethered Jailbreak: Are meant to be done by professionals i.e people who really have great knowledge  experience and Love their iOS devices, well to be clear Untethered Jailbreak are harder to patch and run. A quite advantage of Untethered Jailbreak is, if the user turns the device off and back on, your device will start up completely, and the kernel will be patched without any need of PC(these are not so called tough jailbreak)  but kinda needs patience and that would depend upon your device.
Types of Jailbreak, How to Backup iOS device using iCloud and iTunes. 2
  • Tethered Jailbreak: In this type of Jailbreak a computer is needed to turn on the device, if the device starts by itself this means patched  kernel  is no more in the device, and it may get stuck at very initial stage, but no issues, you can rejailbreak the device using “Boot Tethered”. Advantage of tethered Jailbreak, you can restart SpringBoard on the device without needing to reboot.
  • Semi Tethered: The Device will  no longer hav patched kernel, when the devicee is booted,while it can run modified code, however you can still be able to make phone calls/text messages and beyond this if you want to run any other feature you need to run modified code and this needs to be done with the help of Jailbreaking tools and for this you needd to have safe patched kernel.

Regardless if you dont understand any of the above Tetherings, you can push a mail to satyaram413@gmail.com and also the developers of Pangu or Socities who really concern only about Jailbreaking iOS, though the text above is not really important but if you are really interested “mail us”.

Their have been many Jailbreak society so far since the Apple release(2007), the very first Jail break team was iPhone Dev team and their are many Jailbreak societies till now, and the very latest Jailbreak Team is Pangu.somehow or the other we call Pangu Team as the 2nd generation IOS jailbreakers.

Pangu – Jailbreak

Pangu – An app to Jailbreak your Apple IOS  have released the Jailbreak for IOS 8- IOS8.1. Since their very debut jailbreak release was in June 23 2014 and the IOS they worked on was IOS 7.0 & 7.1, they are called 2nd generation jail breakers. These Chinese hackers have released jailbreaker (Untethered) for IOS 8-IOS 8.1, and also iphone 6 plus, iPad Air2 and Ipad mini 3 and have been the very first team to release IOS 8-8.1 jailbreak and been successful till now.
Before I get you the download of Jailbreak for IOS 8.1 you need to note few precautionary tips.
  • Take a full backup of your device using iTunes or iCloud.

How to Backup using iCloud.

Well I dont think Backup using iCloud is a tough job for a guy who really wants to experience Jailbreak, anyways no issues I got a screenshot for begineers.
On your iOS 8 device: Settings>iCloud>Backup,then turn on iCloud Backup/Backup now.
On your iOS 7 device : Settings>iCloud >Storage & Backup, tthen turn on iCloud Backup/Backup Now.
Types of Jailbreak, How to Backup iOS device using iCloud and iTunes. 3

Backup Using iTunes: 

And when you ask for suggestion you really mean it, Well I mean to say iTunes a better way to Backup your files, I got a reason for that, if you choose Backup via iTunes, these backed-up information includes purchased music(only selected regions ), TV shows (US only), Apps, Books, Photos and video in camera Roll; (What not) I mean everything this includes Messages, Ringtones and ______ .
Note: If you have turned on your iCloud backup you cant really get through iTunes Backup.

Steps to Backup your device using iTunes Manually.
  • Connect your IOS device to a computer with the latest version of iTunes installed.

Note: If you dont have Latest version of iTunes, you cant really have Jailbreak.

  • Select your iOS device in iTunes under Devices  .
  • Right- click the IOS device you really want to Backup.

Image Credits www.iclarified.com

Types of Jailbreak, How to Backup iOS device using iCloud and iTunes. 4

  • Since Pangu jailbreak has been a very success one,but if something goes wrong Pangu and Myself are not responsible, its good to have plan B (i.e backup ) .
  • The very last thing “BE PATIENT and follow the instructions.
Well in Bold”Thanks and Be patient “.
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