Add YouTube videos to Google Drive

YouTube is the No 1 video streaming sites. It offers various features. Recently, Youtube added Offline video streaming. Now, YouTube adds another one important feature. You can store your YouTube videos on Google Drive. Google Drive is one of the biggest free online storage media. Your video will stay safe in this device. If your video removed from YouTube don’t worry it will save on Google Drive. Enable this feature on your YouTube account just follow my tutorial below.
Add YouTube videos to Google Drive 1

How to add YouTube videos to Google Drive?

Step 1: Log In to your YouTube Account.
Step 2: Visit this link.
Step 3: After visit, click next on this page.
Add YouTube videos to Google Drive 2
Step 4: Now, Google asks about File Types and Delivery Method. Select your archive type and select delivery method “Add to Drive”.

Add YouTube videos to Google Drive 3

Step 5: Click Select Archive. Now, your videos start archive to Google Drive. You can share this drive link with your friends or you can download videos offline. Your video will archive maximum up to 2GB. After 2GB, the archive file will split into multiple files.


  • Video description present in this archive file.
  • Zipped video file will add in Google Drive faster.
  • You can download this file anywhere.

Thanks to read out my today tutorial. I will back with another amazing tutorial.

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