Microsoft Windows 10 Event Videos (Latest Releases)

Microsoft shares his new releases in Windows 10 event.
Microsoft introduced more gadgets in this event. Here I share the videos of Windows 10 Event and more
releasing news.

Microsoft Windows 10 Event Videos (Latest Releases) 1

10 available for free
. For more details read here.

Windows 10 Live Event Video

Watch full event video on Microsoft Website. Here, I share
the Windows 10 Event Video Highlights.


Microsoft Windows 10 Event Videos (Latest Releases) 2
Microsoft releases Microsoft HoloLens on this event. Alex
Kipman introduced this device. This virtual objects is fully differ from Google
Glass. HoloLens price was not announced. But Hololens runs with Windows 10 OS.

& Spartan

Joe Belfiore (Microsoft Vice-President) introduced Cortana.
Cortana is an intelligent device to sends data to Microsoft OneDrive.
Microsoft all operating system have Internet Explorer. But
this not popular. Microsoft try to add many features in Internet Explorer but
people never use it. So, Microsoft kills Internet Explorer in Windows 10. The
new browser presents in Microsoft Windows 10. That named Spartan. Spartan has more features like offline browsing, PDF
reading and more. This browser works faster.

Surface Hub

Microsoft Windows 10 Event Videos (Latest Releases) 3
Microsoft Surface Hub has 84-Inch display with 4K
resolution. This device is used for taking presentation. It is the big device
runs with Windows 10 OS. You can write on this device. This device comes with
Cameras, Microphones, NFC, Sensors and more.

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