11 Ways to Improve Your IOS battery Life

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11 Ways to Improve Your IOS battery Life 1

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IOS 8 had been the most trending and tremendous Update ever since in Apple history. Since Iphone 6 and Iphone + has been landed up with IOS 8 update and obviously a better battery life has been given to 6 and 6+ series , Well can’t be so darely compared with some other devices in the market on the terms of Battery life.(I dont own a Iphone, but my friends do and I see their devices sucking  the Battery ).
IOS 8 comes with a number of improvements but also new features that can drain your Love and Battery Life even faster.

Well this article  gonna be huge but (yea with patience) you will Love This.

11 Ways to Improve your Iphone Battery Life.(Aim to extend your battery life.)

  1. Reduce your notifications by putting off backlit display.
11 Ways to Improve Your IOS battery Life 2

Notification alone dont cause battery drainage, but just activationg the backlit display will. Notifications inform you What’s going in the world, such as new emails,text messages,facebook,reminders from myto, game reminders,App reminders e.t.c. Well we all think this doesnt drain any of our battery life but No it does drain our battery life. So 

Tip 1:  To save your battery Life is:
Setting > Notifications, under each category of notifications that you would like to mute. Obviously low priority app notifications. Under Alert Style, simply tap None(the left- most graphic).

      2. Modify Wi-fi Calling Settings.

11 Ways to Improve Your IOS battery Life 3

Wi-Fi calling allows us to call people using a home or work Wi-Fi connection,and we all know it enabling WI-Fi calling is feeding battery  to Wi-Fi . Since Wi-Fi has much affinity with Battery power,it eats up most of the battery life when compared with Cellular calling .Wifi consumes more device’s battery life.
You can enable or disable the Wi-fi (only selected carriers)..
Tip 2: Settings>Phone>Wi-Fi calls (disable it ensure a good battery life) .
      3.Disable cellular calls Via Mac.

11 Ways to Improve Your IOS battery Life 4

Well heard of a new feature of IOS 8 i.e you can make calls through your Mac via your Iphone.
This actually means you can call your Iphone when you left your Iphone on the other side and obviously many use this feature when you wander off to find your phone,(easy way to find your phone rather using your TrackIphone app).
But this feature is a hardcore sucker of your battery life, since its a combination of Wi-fi ,Cellular activity, and iCloud pinging. 
Tip 3: Settings> Facetime (disable Facetime and then your Cellular Calls).
    4. Use AirDrop when in real need.

11 Ways to Improve Your IOS battery Life 5

AirDrop is a feature which is now available in Iphone 5 andd later running IOS 7 or later, allowing you to share files and photos on air with a distance of possible proximity, but it will suck your battery very heavily so prevent this “Use Airdrop sparingly when it is in real need“.
Swipe up from your home screen to bring up the Control Centre, then tap Airdrop(select OFF), when you are not using it.
Tip 4: Control centre>Airdrop.

     5.Disable Auto Brightness .

11 Ways to Improve Your IOS battery Life 6

Users of Android as well as Apple think Enabling Auto Brightness would conserve their battery, but I dont think It may not be so easy to read your Iphone’s Screen in direct Sunlight, and you may not get the most out of your high-resolution display.Well I suggest disable the Auto-Brightness option and then reduce the Brightness to 15-25%, or depending upon the surroundings.
 Tip 5: Settings>Display & Brightness.

        6.Use Static Wallpapers, rather than a motile / 3D images.
11 Ways to Improve Your IOS battery Life 7

To select a non- moving wallpaper.
Tip 6:Settings>Wallpaper>Choose a New Wallpaper.(Choose a Static wallpaper).

     7.Dont let Itunes, App Store eat your Cellular Data.
11 Ways to Improve Your IOS battery Life 8

Sometimes iTunes and App store get added to your device over-the-air.
But downloading over a cellular network can rinse your battery life.
This actually leads to my suggestion to put off your Cellular data for iTunes and App Store, this means your Itunes and App Store gets added only when you are in strong Wi-Fi connection, which takes less time and reduces battery draining.
Tip 7: Settings>General>Itunes & App Store(Switch off Cellular data ).

      8.Switch off Handoff apps from iPhone, Ipad to Mac.

11 Ways to Improve Your IOS battery Life 9

As long as you arewe connected to your iCloud account, on your device such as iPad or a Mac . Handsoff doesn’t miss a beat i.e Handsoff allows you to pass over a work, it could be a message an email, or a browsing session to another device.Though Handsoff is a useful feature but it drains up battery.
Tip 8: Settings>General>Handsoff & Suggested Apps(Switch it off).

        9.Disable Share My location.

11 Ways to Improve Your IOS battery Life 10

Sharing locations can be handy and posh, partriculary if you’re in busy street, but we all know it uses GPS and available Wi-Fi Networks to locate your exact locations.
Since it uses GPS and WIfi it sucks most of your battery so betterv disable it.
Tip 9: Settings>Privacy>Location Services>Share My Location(better disable it).

       10.Place to put your phone

11 Ways to Improve Your IOS battery Life 11

Keep your phone and its Internal Battery within the operating range, so that it doesn’t get too hot or cold.We all know how and why does Mobile gets heat i.e when we use them for video calls or heavy battery drain services. Keeping your device at a Good temperature is vital.
The Warmer the iPhone gets , the faster the iPhone battery gets drained. 
Tip 10: Choose an accessory to protected your phone something like a case .

      11.Watch for Regular Updates.

11 Ways to Improve Your IOS battery Life 12

In some rare cases, you can face software complaints i.e battery life can drain faster than normal. These bugs are checked by software consultants and provide you with an update, So looking for updates and being Up-to-date is most important.
To manually check your updates
Tip 11: Settings>General>Software Update(and make sure you have a strong Wifi Connection).

Most important thing : If none of the above works carry a USB Charger or an external battery pack which may extend your battery life by twice(rare case).. Or Dump your Iphone somewhere …  

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