Google Adsense Approval Trick (I got adsense approval after 3 times trying)

Google Adsense approval is not easy. I got Google Adsense approval after getting 2-time disapproval. In this post, I share “How I got Adsense Approval?” I also search lots of Approval Tricks in Google. But, all are not works. Finally, I got Adsense approval using genuine way.
Google Adsense Approval Trick (I got adsense approval after 3 times trying) 1
Lots of Ads program in this world. But all are not giving high amount. Only Google Adsense pays high amount for Bloggers. I also using this on my blog to earn money. Check out my experience with Google Adsense.

My First Time Google AdSense Apply (Disapproved)

1. Purchase Custom Domain Name: First I purchase custom domain name for my blog. I created on Feb 08, 2014 (That time I use Hosted Adsense Account). After, I plan to make my Hosted Adsense account to genuine one. So, I purchased .com domain my blog. I choose this name I use Godaddy to purchase domain name. Because Godaddy offers .com domains only Rs.99 or $1.49 more details check here.
2. Choose Simple & Responsive Blogger Template: I find various site and searching about simple & responsive blogger template. Finally, I got this template. You must find simple blogger template for your blog.
3. Verify & Submit Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools: I Log Into my Google Webmaster tool account. I add and verify it. Verification process is simple. Simply, you can add Meta tags to your Blogger Template (Template>>Edit HTML). After verify your site, submit your sitemap. Go to your Site Dashboard in webmaster tools, click sitemap section and select add sitemap. Enter sitemap for blogger blog similar like below.
4. Write Unique & No Copied article: Coping other works is illegal one. Most of the people do like it. I also do like it in beginning. After Bloggers Shatyan & Hardeep says me about copyrighting. I deleted my copied content blogs and create a new blogs. Thanks, Shatyan & Hardeep bro to guide me.
5. Add some pages: After searching Google, I found most of the site says add some pages to get Google Adsense approved. So, I create some pages like About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, and Disclaimer.
Apply to Google Adsense first time: With some fear. Finally, I apply my account to Google Adsense. Note: That time my site has only 50 posts. I write some 100 or 200 words article only. Blog traffic is 100 views per day. Domain age is only 1 month.
After Google Adsense reviewing my application. Simply mail me Disapproved. In this mail, Adsense says me some reason for disapproved. They say sites have less content. Because I written only 100 to 200 words in my site.

My Second Time Google Adsense Apply (Disapproved)

This time I plan to correct my issue after applying Google Adsense. I never delete or update my old posts. Simply write 10 articles with maximum contents with more than 500 words. I think like when AdSense checker visits my site they only check my front page content only.
Apply to Google Adsense: After written bigger articles. They take more than 8 days. Second time I apply to Google Adsense.
Again, I got disapproved. This time disapproved with another reason. In the mail says site has less traffic. I solved the previous issue.

My Third Time Google Adsense Apply (Approved)

Many bloggers say traffic is no need for Adsense approve. Any blogs with 50-page views can get AdSense approve. Now, I think why Adsense disapproved me? I got more than 300-page views per day. Finally, I find my mistake. Google Don’t know about my traffic. So, I use Google Analytics tool on my blog. Now, Google analyzes my site traffic.
Google Adsense Approval Trick (I got adsense approval after 3 times trying) 2
Apply to Google Adsense:  This time I wait more than 10 days to apply Adsense. I have some fear to apply Adsense. Suddenly one night before going to sleep I open my Adsense account and suddenly reapply my blog.
Next day, I wake up check my mail. I shocked “Google Adsense Full Approved my blog”. I feels happy.

Final Words: Never Give Up

I like wrestler John Cena. I follow his quote Never Give Up. Every time disapproved I think this quote and cheers me. Most of the bloggers leaving blogging after got disapproved. But I never leave it. Try Again and again you will get Succeed. You must learn new thinks from other mistakes. I hope you will get AdSense approve soon. Thanks to visit

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