Asus G551JK ROG Series Laptop Review and Price.

ASUS G551Jk ROG Series Laptop.

Hey all! Tech Warriors.

Asus a well known smart phone company but fails to show off its talent in laptops.
Now Asus pulls off impressive performance getting ROG series into tag..
Well let it me take you in a clear way.
Its obvious in these days people dont make their interests in playing games as they are busy with Whats app, Facebook e.t.c. Many dont realise that gaming is actually a sort of brain excercise and indeed it helps in enhancing problem solving skills and reflex time. As compared to now, late 90s people are much engaged in gaming and obviously  I hope, we get better gamers in late 90s as compared  to now.
from past few years though,tablets and smartphones replaced Gaming PCs in kids wish list.
Thankfully Gaming PCs like Alienware are still alive and couldnt be beaten down by any gaming PC and couldnt be replaced by Whats app,facebook e.t.c.
Asus G551JK ROG Series Laptop Review and Price. 1
Well Asus a Taiwanese company, which has got a line-up of Republic Of games (ROG) G Series laptops. Now this time Asus got a quite unbreaking feature and we got ASUS G551JK in our hands.
This laptops costs RS 81,000 which include a Good Backpack, Decent programmable mouse and a not-so great headphones. As Gamers would see a Gaming PC at this cost,This PC has many hands on it.

Asus G551JK ROG Series Laptop Review and Price. 2

 Features of this gaming Beast:-

  • Weight ;- 1.7 kg (clearly not the lightest 15.6 inch ;aptop in the market,but such gaming laptops require a lot of heat to emit so obviously bigger vents to disperse the heat.).
  • Thickness:- 3 cm.
  • Availability of Blaclight of keyboard:- Oh Yea and this is obviously a feature a perfect gamer wants .
    Asus G551JK ROG Series Laptop Review and Price. 3
  • LEDs highlightment for [W], [A], [D], [S] keys. These Buttons play a crucial role in gamers life, and ASUS knows it.
  • Trackpad more spacious and more desirable.
  • The lid has a nice Brushed metal Finish.
Asus G551JK ROG Series Laptop Review and Price. 4


  • 15.6 IPs Screen with wide viewing angles.
  • Full HD screen and its a promise Glossyless screen.
  • 178- degree viewing angle.


  • The G551JK is powered by Intel core i7 processor.
  • Chip at 2,5Ghz minimum and go upto 3.5Ghz of HM86 Express.
  • It’s based on 4710HQ board.
  • The laptop has 2gb dedicated grphics of Nvidia GTX 850M .
  • An 8gb RAM(and yea you can expand upto 16gb).
  • 1 TB harddisk
  • Enabled Blue ray writer (6x).
  • 2-in1 card reader (SD/MMC).
  • 3 X USB 3.0 ports(imagine 3x speed).
  • Web Camera HD Webcam(I feel this case a dull one).
  • Battery Backup:- Upto 3 hours (Keep plugin your charger).
  • Bluetooth of v4,0.
  • Wireless LAN IEEE 802.11b/g/n

Gaming Experience:-

This gaming beast come pre-loaded with 64-bit Windows 8.1OS(who actually get Windows 10 via upgrade).
The most important thing in this laptop is Gaming and this beast is tested on few games by Few Gamers and these popular games come out to be Call of Duty:Advance Warfare(LAN gaming is awesome), Assassin’s Creed Unity (well this totally suxxx), GTA IV, Wolfstein ;The New Order and few more Games who actually need a good graphics ran well on this Gaming PC.
Asus G551JK ROG Series Laptop Review and Price. 5


  • Well not much notable cons but yea Gaming PCs gives out a lot of heat and yea this does the same but make sure you dont block the vents of PC.
  • A very small span of Battery Backup
Happy Gaming Buddies with the Beast of Asus. so if you are a gamer with lots of penny get this thing and yea G551JK is a good option for Gamers.
And you can get it here #indians
Happy Republic Day. Jai Hind.
See ya soon 

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