Samsung Unveils the New Chromebook

In case you compare new 11-inch Chromebook2 and Chromebook2 of
Samsung, it would be difficult for you to differentiate between them but for
the silver lid. Lid has almost similar leather like treatment of earlier model
though now it looks little nicer compared to plastic lids of Chromebooks. New
version has same comfortable keyboard having curved keys, same 1.386×768-pixel
–resolution LCD and a responsive touchpad.
Samsung Unveils the New Chromebook 1
Major changes have been made inside. Display housing, ports and
corners of the body have been reinforced using metal for making it more
durable. This also runs on energy efficient Intel Celeron N2840 processor in
place of Samsung Exynos processor that was there in earlier Chromebook 2.
Perhaps because of this new version has the capability of maximum of 9 hours
battery life. Get this new Chromebook at a great price using Snapdeal coupon.
Samsung is now testing “Get help” button inside operating system
for the Chromebook 2 that will be sold shortly. Button will connect the users
to technical support. The laptop will be available on pre-sale via Samsung’s
site initially and be available in stores thereafter. This service now
available in Chromebook 2 has been staffed by the support team of Samsung
having experience similar to Google Helpouts. Company has the plans of rolling
out this service to other devices later.
Samsung is a renowned vendor of smartphones across the world
including popular galaxy line and is No 2 in selling of the tablets. It has
been manufacturing Chromebooks since 2011 and has majority share in market.
Easy-to–access customer service should be able to sway the customers who are
not highly technical.
Intel HD graphics, internal storage of 16GB, 2GB memory and
Bluetooth 4.0 are some of the specifications of this typical pretty Chromebook.
In case you are planning to get Chromebook for someone not very much
tech-savvy, Samsung’s 11.6 inch Chromebook 2 having Intel Celeron would be the
right choice. Get it at a good price using
Customer service of Samsung is limited. Though Mayday has one-way
video service which means that representatives could hear you but are not able
to see you, Chromebook has a two-way video. Mayday is 24hours service but in the
case of button will connect users “Get Help” button of Chromebook, users will
be connected by button to representative from 7AM to 4PM from Monday to Friday.
Users can ask questions from support person regarding basics of Chrome and its
features but technical problems will be routed to Google, states Samsung. This
completely matched with our experience with calls made to the support. The
support is for life of product; presently it only means Intel-based Chromebook
2. Samsung plans to provide this service to various other devices but detais
have not yet been worked out.
 If Customers of Samsung consider Chrombook’s live video help
useful, the other device makers may be encouraged to get this onboard too.
Samsung’s live video chat in this model is its main attraction. Get the best
deals and discount coupons at SaveMyPocket. It is
powered by the Google Helpouts and the support can be got in touch through
Chromebook Help Menu that has been installed in laptop. 

Guest Post Submitted by Vinod Kumar

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