Earn Money from Facebook [Top 5 methods]

Earn money online is the biggest dream of many people and
students. Earn money Online is not a simple way. You can some good knowledge
and ideas to earn online.
Earn Money from Facebook [Top 5 methods] 1
In the previous I share Top5 Trusted Ways to Student Earn Money Online. In this post How to earn money from Facebook or Social
Now, All the people addicted in Social Networks. You don’t
addict it. Use them Social networks and start earn money online. Facebook is
the World No 1 Social networks. Use Facebook account, Facebook page and groups
to make money online. I share some of the useful ways to earn money from
Facebook. Follow my methods & start earning money from Facebook.

1: Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the best way to earn huge money from
Facebook. Affiliate Marketing is the simple method. You can share affiliate
product links on your Facebook account or page. Any Facebook user use your link
and purchase product. Then, you got commission from that affiliate network.
Now a day’s ecommerce website affiliate network is more
successful. People want to purchase online for his need. So, he/she search
about low price products. So, you join ecommerce affiliate links and got commission
after successful sale. Some of the best ecommerce sites are
Ecommerce site pay low price for every sale. Do you want
earn huge money per sale? Just join hosting networks. Host sites pay more.
WPEngine Affiliate networks pays $200 per sale. Some of the useful host
networks are

2: Blogging

Blogging is another way to earn money online. First you
create blog. Share your blog posts on Facebook and gain more traffic. Traffic
is more important to earn money from Blogging.

3: Sharing Links & Earn

First you join mylikes.com. After join generate some links
and share it on Facebook. You got money for every view. Mylikes pays $0.0001 to
$2 for every views.

4: Shrink, Share & Earn

Create account on Adf.ly. Find some of the trending results
on Google. Copy the link and shrink it on Adf.ly. After shrink share the link
on Facebook. This ways also you got money from every view.

5: Advertise on Facebook page

Create Facebook page and generate more than 10,000 or 50,000
likes. After got likes share about advertise this page prices. Some viewers wants
to advertise on your page. Share them & start earn money.

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