Top 10 Ways to Boost Alexa Rank Faster

Alexa rank is more important for every blogger to get direct
advertisement. Now, Advertiser only see alexa rank to advertise on your blog.
Google Page Rank is dead. Google update PR rarely. So, in this post I share
some of the ways to Boost Alexa Rank on
your Website/Blog. rate your blog using Alexa rank and
backlinks. In this post I share Top 10
Ways to Boost Alexa Rank Faster.

Alexa Declare ranks?

Alexa rank is not only depend on your site traffic. It
depends on how many time user visit on your site with Alexa toolbar installed
on his browser.

1: Install Alexa Widgets on Your Blog/Website

Step 1:
the below Code & Paste it on your Site.

<a href=””><script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script></a>

Note: Change red highlighted text with your website name.
If you add this widget on you site. Alexa easily monitor
your site day by day. Already I explain about it on how Alexa Declare Rank?

2: Install Alexa Toolbar on your browser

Step 1:
Step 2:
Alexa toolbar on your browser.
This toolbar count every time you view your sites. Invite
your friends to install this toolbar and view your sites.

3: Update blog regularly

You only install Alexa toolbar and Widgets that is no use.
Update your blog must regularly. Daily write minimum one post on your site. It
will surely got more viewers from your site and Boost your Alexa rank faster.

4: Claim your site on

After create your blog. You must claim your site manually.
Alexa automatic system take more time to detect your blog. So, follow below:
Step 2:
your site URL and submit it.

5: Build Do Follow Backlinks

Backlinks is more important to boost Alexa rank faster. Find
do follow blogs and generate backlinks. Use commentluv blog for commenting and
get do follow backlinks. Guest posting is the genuine way to generate high
quality backlinks.

6: Write Post about

Simply write review about and publish it to your
blog. Must add attribute link on your article. Alexa like this method
then it boost your website rank.

7: Content is Good

Your blog content is more important to boost your Alexa
rank. Never write article below 100 words. Write at least more than 200 words.

8:  Drive traffic from social media

Share your site articles on social media and generate more
traffic. Traffic is more important to boost Alexa rank. After you follow above
methods then you drive good traffic from social media you surely get high rank
in Alexa. Share Popular social media likes Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus,

9: Submit your blog to Popular Directories

Similar like way 8, Way 9 method also for drive traffic.
After publish your article must share article on popular directories like
Reddit, Stumbleupon, Digg & more.

10: More Review about your site on Alexa

Invite your friends or your friend from social networks. To
write review or comment about your blog in Visit your site page in
Alexa. It looks like


Follow this methods, You Alexa rank will be surely increase
faster. I also use this ways to boost my Alexa rank. For more suggestion or
help just leave a comment below.

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