Halloween Witch Fall Widget V2.0 for Website or Blog

Hi Viewers, TheTechWar.com wishes you Happy Halloween 2014. In this day, we share amazing widget for your
blog or website. To impress your blog viewers for this Halloween.
Halloween Witch Fall Widget V2.0 for Website or Blog 1

Already TheTechWar.com published Halloween Witch Fall WidgetV1.0. V1.0 got famous. Many sites use it. Now, Time to share new Halloween Witch Fall Widget V2.0.
It looks amazing than V1.0. We use simple image on V1.0 but V2.0 we use Gif
image. Check out my tutorial, add this widget to your blog and impress your
site viewers.
Live Demo Present on this page

to add Halloween Witch Fall Widget V2.0

Step 1:
copy the below code.

<script src=”https://techwar24.googlecode.com/svn/halloween-fall-2.js” type=”text/javascript”></script><a href=”http://www.thetechwar.com/” target=”_blank”>TheTechWar.com Widgets</a>

Step 2:
this code on the body section of your website.
Done. You add it on your website.
Blogger friends, simply go to Layout, Click Add a
Copy & paste this code and save it.


Load Fastly
Single Line Code
Never affect your script

Impress your viewers

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