Best Free Backlink Checker Tool for Webmasters and Bloggers

Backlinks is more important to blog to generate traffic.
Search engines ranked websites based on Backlinks only. Backlinks are
categories in to two types. DoFollow and NoFollow backlinks. DoFollow backlinks
are more important to generate good page rank.
NoFollow backlinks are useless backlink. More webmasters
remove & check backlinks using some famous backlinks checkers. But most of
the backlinks checkers are not free. You need to pay money for check backlinks. is the best tool for blogger to check backlinks
but last few months. It ask money to check backlinks. also ask money
to check backlinks.
In this post I share one of the famous free Backlink
checker. It was the best alternative of 100% free backlink checker,
they never offer any money. Read out my tutorial below.

Backlinks Checker – is the free platform to check backlinks
free online. Alexa ranked 1,238 and Google Page ranked 4.
Follow my steps and Check backlinks freely.
Step 2:
your website address in the box. It looks like below.
Step 3:
click submit. It will show site backlinks. But it only show 10 backlinks per
page. Click next & next.
Enjoy. You got the full complete backlinks of your blog/website.
Best Alternative to Small SEO Tools is Linkody

Final Words

Use this trick and get backlinks of the popular website in
Google search engine. Add your site to the find website, get backlinks and
increase traffic.

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