Top 2 Ways to Stop Ads on Android Apps

Android Apps has many number of ads. If you open Android
browser or apps then it shows many ads. This ads disturbing Android mobile
phone users. Today I share you a simple Tricks
to Block Ads on Android Smart Phones.

Top 2 Ways to Stop Ads on Android Apps 1

Ads are visible on Android Apps?

Android App developers want to earn from it. So, they
display ads on his website. This way is the best way to earn money from Android
Apps. One of the best Android App Publisher is Google Adsense. Google Adsense
approval is not easy one. So, developer display other publisher ads. Adsense
ads never disturb users. It display to follow some of the policies. But other
ad network display more ads. It irritate users to use that apps. If you block
that irritating ads. Your Android phone and apps work faster.
In this tutorial I share two way to stop ads on Android Apps and browsers. Follow my ways

1: Using Adblock Plus

Step 1: Enable Unknown Sources. Go to Settings >>
Security and Application.
Step 2: Download Adblock plus apps on Google Play Store.
Step 3: After Download, Install Adblock Plus.
Step 4: After install Adblock plus. Enable Filtering. After
enable you got auto proxy. If your device not support auto proxy. Go to and manually enable it.
Now, Adblock plus stop your Apps and Browser ads. Enjoy
using apps without ads.

2: Using Adway App

This is another way to stop ads on your Android device.
Follow step 1. Step 2 you can download Adway app on Google Play store. After
install it ask full access permission allow it.
After fully install, your Android device will restart. Then
wait for few minutes. After access your apps. It never show ads. Enjoy using
this awesome method.


Follow this trick only if you contain more ads disturb or
you has very slow Android device. Because most of the developers earn money
from ads. If you block it then developers not earn. They lose his money and
quit his apps. So, you can use this method for unnecessary condition.

Thanks to read my article. If you have any problem or
suggestion just leave a comment below. I happy to help you.

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