Send Email & Find Direction without Internet Connection

Send Email offline
Do you want to send Email Offline? Or do you want to get
direction from your place offline or without Internet? Simply read my given
All are says sending email and get direction is impossible.
Now it comes to possible. Later post I share you Access Gmail without Internet Connection. But you can simply
download past Email only. You cannot send any email without Internet
connection. But In this post I share a trick for you to send Email and Get
Direction without Internet Connection.

it Possible?

Vavia is a new internet provider company. That releases this
offer for No Internet connection area. Any people can use this feature. Now you
think about how it possible? Here is the solution. You can simply send SMS to send Email. You can send SMS
about direction and you get full details about the travelling direction. This
idea is really best for at the time of No Internet connection and No signal in
your area. Vavia introduced SMS based search engine to solve this issue. This
server automatically reply your questions about direction and Send Email.
Vavia Chief Executive Officer and Founder – Mr. Alan D Souza
says “The fabulous responses that we’ve received from the users inspire us
to constantly keep innovating. We are relentlessly keeping an eye on the
industry and identifying the shortcomings. These two features are our effort to
answer those deficiencies that we’ve identified in the recent days.”


No Need to Sign Up account on Vavia. You can simply send SMS
many time. No need of restriction to send email with Internet. You cannot need
Internet to do this work. You can do this process in old Nokia 1100 mobiles.
This facility is available in all villages and cities. Child can also easily do
this work.

to Send Email Offline

Step 1: Taken your mobile phone
Step 2: Go to message
Step 3: Type email
sender_email_id message
Ex: email
hi friends. I send email from SMS.
Step 4: After type send SMS to 55444
Step 5: Done. Now your message send sender email id with
vavia’s server.

to Find Direction Offline

Step 1 and Step 2 is similar to above steps mention in Step
to Send Email Offline.
Step 3: Type directions
from to destination
Ex: directions Madurai to Chennai.
Reply: Travel North East 475 KM.
Similar like above you got reply briefly. Sometimes it mentions
travel time and hours.
Step 4: After type your directions. Send it to 55444
Step 5: Now, you got full detail about your travel location.
Use this detail and travel to your place without Internet or GPS connection.


Now a days Technology is more improve. You can get all
detail on your hand mobile phone faster. Latest generation child can play with
Internet on his child life. In my child life I play with Toy but now child play
with Internet. This trick was more useful for poor people and Affect from
Internet problem.

Any problem or say thanks just leave comment below. I happy
to help you. The Tech War continues……….

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