How to Backup & Retrieve Facebook Data?

Someone delete your Facebook messages, photos and videos or
you wrongly delete your Facebook data. Do you search about how to backup
Facebook data like messages, photos and videos? Here is the solution.
Hi friends, After 1 week gab I am back with amazing
tutorial. In this tutorial I share How
to Backup or Retrieve Facebook Data?
Facebook is the world popular social
network. I already posted How to Backup Orkut data? How to Backup Gmail Data?
Most of the people audited in Facebook. Some of your friends and enemies hack
your password and try to delete your Facebook data. Your Facebook data contains
many useful info. That time you think about how to retrieve it? Or you think
about why I am not backup it?
Facebook database is more secure. You delete your Facebook
messages, video and images. It only erase in your Facebook online account only.
It never erase in Facebook database. You can easily retrieve the Facebook data
using the simply trick. Follow my steps to Backup
or Retrieve Facebook messages, Photos and Videos.


Step 1: Log In to your Facebook Account
Step 2: After Log In visit this link or
go to your Facebook account general settings.
How to Backup & Retrieve Facebook Data? 1
Step 3: In this page below you can see a link like Download a copy of Facebook Data. Click
it. For any doubt refer the screenshot.
Step 4: After click Download button it will redirect you to
new page. That page looking similar like below screenshot.
Step 5: Click the Start
How to Backup & Retrieve Facebook Data? 2
Step 6: Now, the Facebook account ask you to enter your
password. Enter password and submit it.
How to Backup & Retrieve Facebook Data? 3
Step 7: Now you go to Facebook data download page.
Now you Facebook data start downloading. It comes from RAR
file. Extract it using WinRAR or any other software. After extract you see many
HTML files. Open it using your system browser. After open you got all your
deleted messages, photos and videos.


Facebook is the secure network. No one cannot easily hack
it. Stop using Facebook or other your important application on unknown system.
Never give your Facebook password to unauthorized person. Never enter your
Facebook password to unsecure websites. Some phishing website ask your FB
password never enter your password. Enter password only trusted sites. Never
use unwanted Facebook apps.
Thanks to read my article. If any problem or suggestion just
leave a comment below. I am happy to help you.

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