Tricks to Change Facebook profile name after over the limit

How to
change Facebook account profile name after over the limit?
Here is
the solution. Read this article you got full solution about changing Facebook profile name. You try
to search about this on many solution. I share the White Hat way to change Facebook profile name.
Hi friends, previous article I share tutorial about check your Facebook profile viewers withoutusing apps. In this post I share tutorial about white Hat way to change Facebook profile name.

Facebook not allowed to change profile name more than 2 times?

Facebook is the world No 1 social network. Popularity makes
many rules and condition. In 2009 I changed my profile name many time but
Facebook not apply any rules to changing my profile name. Now, Facebook comes
World No 1 social Network so, it follow some rules. Facebook has more secure
database. All the account details saved in it. But people mostly uses his fake
names like Smart Deepak, Attakathi Dhinesh, Vignesh Cena, Prakash Hero, John
Cena, Hari singam, Nazriya Nishar, Kongesh King. I found this following names
in my profile. He all are not use his real name fully in Facebook. They change
his/her names many time in Facebook. Facebook not like this type of fake names.
So, Facebook not allow to change FB profile name more than 2 times.

you need to change Facebook profile name?

You need any one Government issued scan copy like Birth
certificate, Driver License, Passport, Marriage Certificate, Vehicle Insurance,
Voter ID card.


Step 1: Visit the following Facebook page
Tricks to Change Facebook profile name after over the limit 1
Step 2: Enter your First Name, Middle Name and Last Name.
Step 3: Pick the reason about you change the name.
Step 4: Upload any one above mentioned Government issued
Step 5: Click Send and wait 2 days. Facebook will accept
your request.
Done………. Your Facebook profile name will be change soon
using this trick.


Never make many fake account and cheat any one. Many guys
make many fake account like girls profile and play with some girls, boy’s life.
Be Honest, Never Cheat anyone, Never Give Up.

Thanks to read our tutorial. If you have any problem and
suggestion just leave a comment below. I happy to help you.

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