Best way to Submit Sitemap on Yahoo and Bing

Best way to Submit Sitemap on Yahoo and Bing 1

Search Engine Submission is the best way to drive traffic to
your blog
. All bloggers are submit his site on Google only. They never submit
his sites on other famous search engines. Submit your blog is very easy. Just
add your blog on Google Webmaster Tools and Submit Sitemap.
In this post I talk about how to generate traffic from Yahoo
and Bing. Yahoo is the second famous search engine and Bing is the third famous
search engine.
All are only submit his site on Bing. But it not fully
optimize your site. You can submit your full Site Sitemap they will generate
more traffic from your blog.
You can submit sitemap on Bing. They will optimize it on
Yahoo. So, you only submit your sitemap on Bing.

Steps to Submit Sitemap on Yahoo and Bing

Step 1: Sign Up Bing Webmaster Tools

Best way to Submit Sitemap on Yahoo and Bing 2
Step 2: Enter Your blog address and Click add.
Step 3: After, It ask sitemap address. Just enter similar
like below
This above address is only for your first 500 posts. After
501-1000 posts. Just use this below address
After 1000 posts. You can increase custom way. Just change
501 to 1001 and change 1000 to 1501
Step 4: After you enter sitemap. Just hit enter.

Best way to Submit Sitemap on Yahoo and Bing 3

Step 5: Now, Bing ask to verify your site. Select option 2.
Simply copy the Meta tag and paste it on between the head tag.
If you using blogger, simply go to Template>>Edit
HTML. Search <head> and paste Meta tag below it and save it.
Step 6: After you finish, Click Verify. Now your site is
verify. It will be fully optimize on Bing and Yahoo in 5-10 days.

For more details about SEO and Get Traffic. Just subscribe
our site updates.

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