Tricks to disable Android Phone Camera

Android Phones are popular in the world. In this tutorial i discuss about how to stop Android Phone Camera? This tutorial more help you to stop other member access camera. You can Enable and Disable Android Camera Using this trick.

Tricks to disable Android Phone Camera 1

Step 1: Download this android app using the below button.

Tricks to disable Android Phone Camera 2

Step 2: This app name is Cameraless. After install this app pen it.

Step 3: Go to Camera Manager

Step 4: Just ON the Camera Manager

Step 5: After ON, Click Disable Camera.

Step 6: Now, Go to your android phone camera. Now you see a notification about Your camera is disabled due to Security Policy.

Step 7: This similar message appear in all apps like Pixlr, Instagram etc.

Step 8: Now, Go Cameraless and Enable Camera. Now, You access the camera.

Done……….& Enjoy………

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