Make Bootable Pen Drive using Command Prompt

Make Bootable Pen Drive using Command Prompt 1

Installing OS with Pen Drive is better than installing OS
with CD. Because CD was larger than Pen drive. CD was crazed but Pen Drive
never craze easier. So, in this article I will explain you to how to boot
Operating System in Pen Drive.

What You Need?
Pen Drive
Computer with OS Files (Simply Copy the CD OS

Steps to Boot OS in Pen drive
Step 1: Insert Pen Drive
Step 2: Open Command Prompt (type cmd in Run or Search cmd
in Start Icon)
Step 3: Type Diskpart
Step 4: After type list
then type select disk 1
Step 5: Next type Clean
then type create partition primary
Step 6: Type select
after type active
Step 7: Now type fs=ntfs
now your pen drive start formatting. Wait for some minutes.
Step 8: After format completes type assign & type exit
Step 9: Now place your OS files in Local Disk D
Step 10: I save my os files in the folder Windows 8 in Local Disk  D
Step 11: Now go cmd & type D:
Step 12: Type cd
windows 8
and type cd boot
Step 13: Find your Pen Drive Local Disk Name. It available
in my computer folder left side bar.
Step 14: My pen Drive Local Disk name is H: so I type after in cmd bootsect.exe /nt60 H:
Done! Enjoy!
This procedure is really easy. Once you do this steps
carefully. Next time you make it faster. Any problem leave comment below or see
the screenshots below.


Make Bootable Pen Drive using Command Prompt 2

Make Bootable Pen Drive using Command Prompt 3

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